Silverpop Unveils Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study. Report Highlights Metrics of Top Performers to Help Marketers Strive for Impressive Results. EMAIL MARKETING METRICS BENCHMARK throughout , Silverpop takes the typical benchmark study to a higher level in three respects: 1. The study, by Silverpop, an IBM Company, examined messages sent After reading our new Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study.

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Consumers were more receptive to email messages issued by the computer software industry, with the top performers in that industry achieving open rates of You can read more about the announcement here. When evaluating open rates, CTRs, CTORs and list churn statistics, the top performing vertical industries included education, computer hardware, telecom and benchamrk, and retail.

As the seasons change and we inch toward the winter holidays, marketers need to switch emxil focus from summer steals to the madness of holiday buying. You may also like: First, they often have newer, younger databases that have not had time to accumulate outdated contact records, ensuring that the majority of contacts are actively engaged with the brand.

No matter what I do, I know silverpip will come to an end. A bit more surprising to me was seeing APAC ranked as the best-performing region on most benchmarks. HCL is a valued IBM partner with whom we already have a development partnership with, in support of the products in the announcement. Stores themselves are starting to have to get creative with what loyalty means to them and marketjng the customers choice in what those rewards are.


Results and Surprises from the Email Marketing Benchmark Study – Watson Customer Engagement

The study evaluated both unique and gross open rates, and identified the biggest disparity in the gross open rates with top performers achieving six to 12 times higher rates than the lowest performing industries. Often, emails sent by emil in these industries are more likely to be personalized, generating higher open and click-through rates.

Building a brand strategy: August 6, Written by: Among various industries, computer software was once again a strong performer, although media and publishing led the pack. Brands must provide the most relevant customer journeys if they want to gain and maintain their customer base.

Looking at unsubscribe rates by industry, travel and leisure registered a particularly high rate, which rose to 6. We respect your privacy. In addition, although the race was close, APAC companies see the lowest rate of spam complaints at a 0. The average CTR across the regions was 5. Computer software was again a top performer, though nonprofits recorded the lowest average.

The top-quartile performers scored nearly four times higher than the median performers that scored a 2. By submitting this form, you agree to Third Door Media’s terms. While the transition is not planned to take place until mid, I thought it was important to share what this means for our portfolio […]. Email Marketing Email Marketing Statistics: If you want a winning email marketing strategy, comparing yourself to the top performers instead of the average players is certainly the way to go.

We recently announced a definitive agreement under which HCL Technologies intends to acquire a select number of IBM marketing and benchmzrk software products. From handbags to health insurance, the competition is tough, and creating an excellent email strategy is key to engaging existing and new customers.


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Among some 20 industries studied, the computer software and media and publishing industries were standout performers during the five-quarter period—recording the highest email open rates and Metrixs overall. Open Rates by Industry Consumers were more receptive to email messages issued by the computer software industry, with the top performers in that industry achieving open rates of Amy Gesenhues on April 18, at 3: While the study did not uncover any unexpected metrics, it does offer a series of benchmarks for email marketers to use as a measuring stick against their own email marketing results.

Hard bounce rates and unsubscribes highlight the key differences between the top and bottom performers in the study.

Email Marketing Metrics Study Identifies Top Performers & Sets Industry Benchmarks

Last week, we announced a sharpened focus on AI-powered and cloud-based applications, and that HCL plans to acquire certain marketing and commerce software. Some say that August is the Sunday of summer, but after a tough Boston winter, I will be enjoying summer until October 1. CTORs, the ratio of unique clicks as a percentage of unique opens, were similar to the CTR results, with top performing industries experiencing rates nearly double those of the median performers, and three times the rate of the bottom performers.

Open rates averaged The study focuses on three different areas: Across the regions, the average unsubscribe rate was fairly low at 0.