Hi all, Dose anyone know if it is possible to download a user manual for a Jessops AFD Flashgun (Canon fit). I have e-mailed Jessops but. (Manual mode on your camera would be a different thing but don’t worry about that for now). So go ahead and give it a go .of course I may. Hi hope you can help? I have two jessops afd flash guns that I am using off camera. Using the optical trigger in slave mode everything.

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Jessops 360AFD Shoe Mount Flash

Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Hi hope you can help? I have two jessops afd flash guns that I am mankal off camera. Using the optical trigger in slave mode everything works fine providing the optical trigger picks up the flash from my camera. Mqnual issue is when using a radio trigger to set one of the flashes off. If you have the gun in slave mode the radio trigger will not fire.

Jessops 360 AFD Flashgun

Ok I’m not surprised but when you switch the slave off the flash triggers fine, works perfectly for about manuall min and then the power save mode kicks in and turns the gun off. The big issue is that it still flashes away with the OFF message still on but the flash is only on low power.

  22TCN 304-03 PDF

You hit the mode switch and the flash comes back to life and works for another 3 min and then goes back to OFF mode. It works fine on the camera hot shoe but appears to not recognise the radio trigger even 360af you are using the flash in that 3 min window.

Jessops afd manual – Google Docs

Any one got any ideas how I can shoot with the trigger and not have to play silly buggers turning the flash back on every 3 min. Other than that they are great value for money. Anybody got any ideas??? Try a radio trigger that will kick it out of sleep mode.

The Yongnuo RF does this for many flashes. There were a couple of flashes that could be stopped going into sleep mode by wedging the backlight button down – crap way to have to do it but it works. You can manyal find the info in a thread here somewhere.

Boyyle – You are a hero Yes this works, I’m using the flashes tonight at a live gig so this will be a massive help. Cant thank you enough as just about to take them back to Jessops for my money back. Not sure if this will be any help, it works on a Canon EZ www. PicMax 9 years ago. For Nikon brand flashes, one way to make it stay awake is to put 5V on the handshake old SP pin. It may work on your flash. Spencer English 8 years ago.


Sadly this weekend the triggers no longer seem to work at all and I am stumped as to what has happened as no change to settings etc at all? Have you since resolved your problem? We may need better triggers mate?

Taking them back to Jessops for your money back, might be a very good idea. I had one of these for use on my Pentax, and after not many firings but after the warranty expired mine flashed for the last time, emitting a loud “pop!

Although I have 3 Vivitar HVs, although they are good in every other respect, I cannot recommend them for their very long recycle time – 12 seconds on full power, NiMH batteries!

I have a few of these and the fact they turn themselves off is a pain. I like the idea of holding down the light button but when tested I found you could not change the power settings: So it looks like you need to set the power then have a way of holding in the light button. I just want a good looking way of doing this any ideas other then bolts and tape??