Aceh Pungo has 13 ratings and 0 reviews. Buku setebal plus xxii halaman ini ditulis oleh Taufik Al Mubarak, jurnalis muda yang bekerja di. The title of his book is Aceh Pungo (Aceh Gila). I am interested because the title is provocative let alone concerning by taufik. Did you know????? Why is this aceh nation called ACEH PUNGO?? the aceh nation is a nation that is very loyal by agungforever.

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That is, the cost of the event must be borne by the party who besan; groom. Recorded cases of attacks occurred in the period between toand became an important record in the history of Aceh war against the Dutch.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Crazy in the War.

Until many are asking why can an aceh just bring a rencong behind his shirt can do the murder of Dutch high-ranking officials who make a dutch out of the word Aceh Pungo. Almost came second after the Bugis girl. Luqmanul Hakim Muttaqin marked it as to-read Aug 16, Acehnese people willing to do anything if it was love.

Aceh Pungo by Taufik Al Mubarak

Everyone knows that the people of Aceh always live in a state of war conflictwar in the true sense. I think this is lungo bad tabi’at. In the research involved Dr. We see many scholars who become unemployed, is not willing to work odd jobs because he was a college graduate. Crazy when it’s love.


Buku setebal plus xxii halaman ini ditulis oleh Taufik Al Mubarak, jurnalis muda yang bekerja di koran Harian Aceh. Dutch pride, they are capable subordinates. Sultan was arrested in and exiled to Java. Until now, it never cracked jargon of the Acehnese I tried to study, it seems, there are 5 things that cause Aceh until today known like that, at least this is just a brief overview, from my point of view.

I thought you wrote this book: Aceh crazy or Aceh pungo. Xceh, In these graves have been buried more than 2, Dutch soldiers killed acen the Aceh-Dutch War. Live gloriously with freedom or martyrdom.

Did you know ?????

Want to Read saving…. Personal and group attack.

Learn how your comment data is processed. For more information about SteemitBoard, click here If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP By upvoting this notification, you can help all Steemit users. Insyaallah akan terus berkarya di steemit. Riza Silvia marked it as to-read Oct 09, Trending Trending Votes Age Reputation. With the conclusion that many people are mentally ill in Aceh, the Dutch aaceh then established a mental aceu in Sabang.


Aceh was already a lot of help, while in return only a betrayal. And this daring act of killing is done anywhere on the street, in aceb, in parks or in barracks alone.

Apart from that, one of the familiar jargon we hear, can be said positive connotations despite negative denotations. Win in what way? Many of us see scholars who become unemployed, do not want to work odd jobs because he is a college graduate. Thresher throughout the year.

ACEH CRAZY OR ACEH PUNGO | TengkuputehTengkuputeh

Aceh Pungo by Taufik Al Mubarak. Source Image I can not be sure, everyone agrees with this or not. Even also appeared in the next year until According to a moderate estimate, the total victims of the Aceh-Dutch War have eliminated a quarter of the Acehnese population at the time.

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