I would give this stars. Basically, this exterior camera is a great deal for the price. While the night quality could be improved, if it were you would be paying. Buy ACTi ACM Megapixel Outdoor IP IR Bullet Camera featuring SXGA Resolution (at 8 FPS), Weatherproof (IP66) MPEG-4/MJPEG Compression Options. TCM Series Hardware User’s Manual. 2. Table of Contents. 0. Precautions. 3. 1. Introduction. 4. Package Contents.

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ACTi makes some unique cameras in the marketplace that distinguish acm–1231. Ideal for small businesses or home owners that want an affordable true outdoor camera. The image quality out of the box is not that good and would lead you to believe this is not a good camera, but after some tweaking with the assistance of their tech support, the image quality is pretty good for the price point, certainly worth considering if you need an outdoor camera.

I also had problems with vari-focal manual zoom and focusing. This is important because many reduce shutter speeds to ridiculous long exposures making for a very clear night scene but impossible to capture a moving object.

The conclusion is cam-1231 this camera is a good value for those looking for an outdoor camera. The features you need in an outdoor camera are. For this, the camera delivers. Present help and recommendations for new and present gear actj regard to installation, upgrades, and enhancements. The E32 2MP has pretty good low-light performance. The E33 5MP also has good low-light performance, but not quite as good as the E Prices are reasonable for the performance.

There are a lot of mounting choices and vari-focal vs. Take a look at the ACTi site www. Have you had a look atci one of those yet?

I ordered some to test, the E32,E33 and E I appreciate your blog and advice on the various forums. Been looking for a camera with the ACM capabilities but like the Dome format aesthetically. Are there disadvantages of dome cameras over cati bullet style? Or would you recommend a different amc-1231 if you were to recommend a dome style camera?

No, not at all. Careful with dome cameras with built in illuminators if you live in colder climates as actj will not work with PoE below about -5C 23F unless you connect them to seperate 12V power supply to operate the heater. The bullet cameras like the or the newer KCME for example, can go down to about F without the use of a heater. In screen shots wcm-1231 Axis cameras, you can create an actual shape rather than a box. You create a motion detect window on Axis, but similar to ACTi.

Fantastic reviews and information. While ambient temp might not be F, the cam is gonna get hot in direct sunlight for hours at a time. Any thoughts or anecdotal info from other users? Oh, any experience with ACTi cube cams? How large of a room can a cube remain effective.


Warranty & Support

Sorry in advance for partially high-jacking the thread to cubes. What is a good online place to buy ACTi cams? Like Authorized resellers so that the warranties still apply.

I call a distributor, setup an account and order cameras, Axis, Mobotix, Acti, anything else. Surveillent is another one I come accross that has reasonable pricing. I have the TCM, but have been struggling with the day and night time video settings.

If you could e-mail be some pics of how you setup your ACM That would be awesome. I no longer have that camera, sold it as new models are coming out soon that are way better. I would open a support ticket with ACTi and have them give you there best practices for that camera. I believe this is as slow as you want to be to capture motion, but motion blur happens for other reasons.

The further the subject is, the less motion blur you will get. Please do email me the slides. I found that when the the AGC is too high at night the image gets real noisy and people get white washed out.

I was reviewing presentation slides from ACTi on best configuration for minimal motion blur in minimal light and what I got out of it was to go into Camera Setup and increase AGC Gain to for minimal motion blur. The default is I can email you the slides if you want. I am looking for a decent camera for the front porch.

I am going to put this camera under a eve and will be able to run PoE. I enjoyed reading your posts on http: The TCM series just came out and I was too cheap.

My distributor said the image quality otherwise would be same. Do you still recommend the ACTi cameras for a ack-1231 value outdoor camera that works in low-light?

Anything else I should check out? Axis might be too expensive for me. Thanks for your reply. Any other suggestions for such an installation?

A varifocal length is like a zoom in that you can change the focal length, but unlike a zoom, it has to manually be refocused. So yes, you have to not only get to the camera, you have to remove the front of the camera, reset the focal length and refocus. Since this is a PITA to do on a ladder while looking at a laptop to see the focus, I usually take it down, do it on the ground and then remount it.

Outdoor IP Camera: ACTi ACM ( MP)

This would be true of all cameras with varifocal lenses. The continued use of a ladder will be a serious issue for me.

This is a huge step for like for like quality. But once setup, you can point it and zoom it from anywhere you have internet access. I think everyone would like every camera to have this feature, until they see what it costs.

What happens is when you first set it up, expect to take a few trips up and down the ladder as you adjust focus and the intial focal length and line it up acm-12231 where you what you want to capture.


A prereq is to configure the camera and the iPad app to allow viewing te camera first. I am interested in an outdoor IP Network Camera for installing under my bay window acfi was wondering if you think this camera would be a good selection for my application? Very good night image resolution is important as well as a nice broad field of view. Ati think its the best value for an outdoor camera.

Discontinued items

Beyond that, you may need additional lighting. The field of view is adjustable with the varifocal lens so you can play with the trade off between a wide field of view and the ability to identify an intruder. You can set compression levels with the camera to bring down bandwidth at the expense of some quality. I use compression level 20 allowable values are It also depends what audio codec you use. I saw your comment at http: I just need some advice.

I have install 18 units of Acti ACM at several of my shops. I want to build a customized website where I can stream all the locations via internet. Can you help me by pointing me to the right direction, or if I can get the vendor or programmer to help me on this.

I run BlueIris software at home and it has a built in web server where you can setup users with priviledges where you can limit which cameras they can see. You may run into problems with your internet bandwidth. Go to a site that measures your internet speed like http: You can limit resolution and frame rate to allow more viewers to view more cameras. About What should we review next? The pluses for this camera are; 1. Notify of new replies to this comment.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. Also, ACTi provides an iPhone app which is nice. BlueIris is best if you have a mix of camera brands. As for ACTi cube vs. Even during the day the image can get grainy.

ACM | ACTi Corporation

I like the AVN80X and used it at my vacation home. Can you share what your settings are for your ACM? Are you acm–1231 the CGI commands to change the day and night settings?

Heck, I paid more for a single illuminator than this camera cost not to mention the power supply and additional wiring. Hello, I am interested in an outdoor IP Network Camera for installing under my bay window and was wondering if you acm–1231 this camera would be a good selection for my application? Wondering what your take is on my such application. Hi there, I saw your comment at http: