In the Company of Shadows is a four-part original slash series written collaboratively by Sonny and Ais. Currently a work in progress, the. SPOILER ALERT! ***. *** THIS IS NOT A DRILL! ***. *** SPOILER ALERT! ***. Ok , NOW we’re fucking talking! While I stand by my (very correct). Afterimage (In The Company of Shadows, #2) by Santino Hassell (Goodreads Author), Ais (Goodreads Author) #gay #novel #mmromance.

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So, ” 0 prequel ” sorts by 0 under the label “prequel. I guess what I’m saying is this book is pure torture. Hell, the shit hits the fan almost immediately! Sin and Boyd and even a few side characters get hot and heavy nonstop.

In the Company of Shadows – Fanlore

They discuss with readers the intricacies of world-building and their methods for co-writing and are often up-front with the challenges such a large project can entail. They found someone to identify with, open up to, share, and awaken the emotions they locked away for so long.

It seems like as soon as he let himself care for Boyd and realised how much he already cared about Carhart, that the flood-gates open and all the old afterimge flowed out. Other books in the series.

There was one part in this book that probably should’ve made me a little angry at Kassian. Still had to skim at some parts – only to go back and reread them to wring as much enjoyment out of this series as possible – because, GEEZ, this thing is epically long. Tears that I thought were long dead and gone came back to haunt and hurt me. She stupidly put herself and her needs before his. He was there to make Boyd laugh when he felt like there was nothing more to laugh about.


Trivia About Afterimage In th Brightest of afrerimage to you and yours, my friend— from my house to yours. There is a consistent thread in reviews stating that the quality of the writing continues to improve over time, and that each book has been better than the last.

Well worth it to get to here. I was both upset and disgusted by the treatment he received by the two people who are supposed to love and care for him and commpany get me started on Boyd because I’ll be ranting for pages and pages. These pages are an all-consuming emotional soul fuck!

The best part of this installment – also the part that drove me most crazy! People see what they want to see.

In the Company of Shadows

Im sorry for the things that didn’t go right. Boyd is just a kid. Fanworks Original Slash s s. Some of my favourite scenes in this book were between these guys and I loved every time Kassian took Boyd out on his motorbike. Once he got into the Rank 10 training, all thoughts of Sin were gone.


In the Company of Shadows | Awards | LibraryThing

Nov 12, Shelley rated it it was amazing Shelves: However, he tends to go off on unauthorized killing sprees shqdows somehow his assigned partners all end up dead under suspicious circumstances.

If you’ve read it you understand just how addictive it is especially when aftterimage consider half the time I didn’t even like what I was reading. On the other hand, Boyd shadowz strangely unafraid of the man everyone calls ‘monster’ and Sin seems reluctant to let his keeper get himself killed on any missions.

Sin’s realization that he is officially mentally ill. View all 43 comments. This is solely for those who wish to have paperback copies. Every single scene with him, I warmed to him even more. However, if you want to you can purchase some stickers which have our signatures on them which you can stick in the book and feel like you got it signed. The thing is Afterimave attitude and behavior is done to affect the readerto create feelings in us.

I’m actually pretty sure that Afterimage wins the Oscar for the emotionally most excruciating scenes of all the books I’ve read this year so far.

This book was extremely hard going right through to the end. Jan 30, Judith rated it really liked it.