It also supplies a dye, wood etc, and is occasionally used for food. The plant is cultivated for its medicinal uses in DR Congo, and is also used in shelterbelts and. Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Alchornea. Names of Alchornea in various languages of the world are also given. Alchornea Cordifolia. The ethanolic leaf extract of Alchornea cordifolia (Schum. and Thonn.) Müll. Arg ( Euphorbiaceae), a widely used traditional medicinal plant was assessed for.

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Download Herbpathy App in 3 Easy Steps. Enter 10 digit mobile number. Send Link Please send corddifolia link to: Do you know this herb by any other name? Description Alchornea is a small tree.

Antimicrobial spectrum of Alchornea cordifolia leaf extract.

It grows in a tropical climate. It grows up to 8 M. Best used for Anemia. Sprinkle powder liberally on septic wounds and bacterial skin infections. Materia Medica for Alchornea. How to use alchonea cordifolia for vulval infection. Prepare a decoction by boiling crushed Alchonea Cordifolia leaves in one glass of water. Wash the affected area with this. Do it 3 times a day. Sort of getting addicted alchornnea your website. Enter your reply here I really like this page for advising sake Kesson Leaves of this plant are used for aches.

Like backache or the entire body pain. Please I want to know how to use alchormea to cure sexually transmitted infection STI. Fancis The leaves of this plant called Alchornea Ccordifolia are crushed and its juice is squeezed out ; applied to the affected area.


Do this twice a day. Appiah Kwabena Emmanuel Ghana. Please can you use this herb to treat DVT in woman? My sister is suffering from that. And she also has fibroid what herb can she use? If you can advise. Chew 2 to 3 Ginger slices coddifolia day. It will help to prevent formation of blood clots.

Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine

One capsuletwice a day. Take decoction of roots of Butcher’s Broom every day for 15 days. Take infusion of leaves of raspberry, twice in a day for a month. This herb will take care of both, DVT and fibroids.

Hello, please for use of UTI, can i crush the fresh leaves and boil or i need to dry the leaves first? Take decoction of leaves of Stinging Nettle every day for a week.

Alchornea Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

Drink a glass of Cranberry juice daily for a month. These herbs will help o cure UTI. Therapeutical value, phytochemical analysis and antimicrobial effects of the extract of alchornea cordifolia.?

Please can alchornea cordifolia cure H Pylori related gastritis? Thank You very much for your usual coperation. Please I had this discharge from my penis whenever I urinate and when I went to the hospital I was asked to do a urethral swab culture and sensitivity test and when the results came I had I has Staphylococcus aureus as the bacteria causing that so I’m asking that what herbs vordifolia help cure it effectively as this alchornwa is highly resistant to many antibiotics thank you.


How much of the herb tea would be needed for intestinal problems? Can I extract a sizeable quantity of oil from Alchornea Cordifolia? I’m trying to sell Alchornea cordifolia seeds in the U.

They need to be scarified and kept warm, moist and lighted and should sprout within three months. Posting this in hopes of responses. Alchornea cordifolia is an herb that we have used for Lyme and Lyme co-infections in our herbal clinic.

I am looking for a source of dried Alchornea Cordifolia leaves from Central Africa. I do not need huge amounts, only 5 – 50 pounds, if possible.

If you are able to help us in anyway, I would be most grateful. I can help with that. Is Alchornea leaf used for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis and candidiasis in women?

If yes how do you use it fordifolia treatment? Your Query – This is a community service. You may ask and answer a query.

Alchornea cordifolia – Wikipedia

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