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The prefix inter- suggests the linkage of at least two parts, the insinuation of one in the other and their relations, co-dependence, and mutual affect. Non impedir lo suo fatale andare: Biagioli, Parigikoment. Con ten ido Schlegel at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

On co na to? Certain literary trends, for example the Anglo-American imagism of Eliot and Pound and of the Russian acmeism of Mandelstam and Akhmatova, undertook the renewal, synthesis, and preservation of the civilization’s cultural memory: It was associated with citation, allusion, gloss, commentary, adaptation, and translation right up to the end of eighteenth century, when the principle of imitation was fading.

Ale taka jest niestety norma we Francji. Still and Worton, in their introduction to the collection Intertextuality: Another, more productive ground for the appearance of parody right up to the twentieth century was the development of the novel Bakhtin, The Dialogic Imagination ; Dentith 55 Later, the concept of burlesque was applied to comic novels as well to that level Addison reduced Don Quixote in the Spectator inand it began to be used primarily as a genre designation of travesties, mock-heroic works, and parodies.

In the latter case it was supposed to be by its hidden meaning related to allegory; by omitting the generally known, it was like ellipses Mathieu-Castellani Among the many examples of such intertextuality in the Arab world were the qasida from the sixth century ona type of poetry with consistent thematic ordering and set wording.

The tradition of parodic theater runs from the late seventeenth century to the present; Dentith discusses Shakespeare’s carnivalization and “play with a play” structure, burlesque assaults on heroic tragedy Fielding’s Tom Thumbmock melodrama, popular travesties of Shakespeare, and Stoppard’s sophisticated Travesties and rewriting of Hamlet In the latter the rewriter could freely vary the source’s wording and sense or completely reject both; imitation allows the rewriter to provide only some clues of the original while adding many ideas and images of his own.


Tulipan — Nicolaes Tulp.

Zalewski, Tajemnica Szymona Budnego, Lublins. History and Poetics of Intertextuality achieving the status of universal matrices of arguing and reasoning, authoritatively reentered its irreversible stream. De optimo genere interpretandi Epistula 67oprac.

The Problemi group stood against what they perceived as the rightist, corporate nationalism of the cultural intelligentsia. Rules for the Direction of the Natural Intelligence, red. Stoichita, Intertekstualne tryby [w: The leftists saw in civic activism allied with critical theory, punk and radical artistic practices an alternative both to the decaying regime of communist Yugoslavia and to the multi-party system advocated by the Nova revija circle.

John Dryden, in his “Preface to the Translation of Ovid’s Epistles”worked out a terminology for the three degrees of translating: Lotman, Il problema della traduzione poetica [w: Almost all of the critics gtillet have attempted to sketch the idea’s history have pointed out the instability, elusiveness, and internal conflict of definitions of intertextuality see, e.

Rykaczewski, Warszawaks.

Abychmy w ten przekład pilnie weźrzeli – PDF Free Download

They provided handy topical references and support for speakers’ theses in the form of illustrations, authoritative figures, and testimonies exemplum, similitudo, auctoritas, and testimoniumthe significance of which enjoyed social consensus; in Topics, Aristotle called such agreement endoxa.

This was done self-reflectively and ambiguously, pulling transposition between ironic emptying of the sacred and restoration of the word’s magical power, between parodic carnivalization and renewed mythologization, as, for example, in Ulysses, Belyi’s St.

The expression “allusion” is connected with the Latin words ludere and alludere etymologically and thus implies play or playfulness. Through the experience of digital textuality it thus appears that the theoretical concept of intertextuality — although it originally covers mostly printed texts, as Mary Orr reminds us — is “viable,” that it successfully explains the world we live in Therefore, some ideas and categories of thought — as a rule those that emerged in the humanities and social sciences — withstand the test of time, and during reinterpretation remain useful even in essentially different scholarly paradigms, while others soon disappear when the methodological field where they were produced and assigned functions ceases to hold sway.

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Quintilian identified Menippean satire see RoseDentith as a special genre; it received its name from its supposed founder, Menippus of Gadara third century BC and his follower Varro BCthe author of Saturarum menippearum libri CL preserved only in fragments. Reagulae ad directionem ingenii, napisane prawdopodobnie przed r. The traditional value of the print medium precludes such speculations. History and Poetics of Intertextuality figure, or place from another text, it is really difficult to call it citation, a concept tied to the direct reproduction of another utterance.

The mock-heroic genre and style in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries led to a reformation of the concept of parody and its classification as antithesis to travesty. I would like to stress that topics, circulating in different spheres of public discourse from poetry to religion, from law to medicineever since Antiquity consolidated a given culture, supplying it with intellectual and discursive coherence that leveled existential, functional, temporal, and social differences.

However, the Nova revija circle was opposed not only by communist politicians and intellectuals close to the party, but also by post-Marxist Lacanians of the Problemi group. Bibliograf ia literatury polskiej Nowy Korbut, t. To the extent that the Titoist regime’s unpredictable and changing tolerance allowed, Slovenia was relatively open not only to West European consumerism and pop culture but also to liberal and leftist influences. Homeric invocation of the muses and the introduction of the narrator as their servant symbolize the poetic dependence on and subordination to mythic discourse.