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AromaTouch Kit

Here are our winners for the 12 days of Christmas! There are 12 different protocols that utilize specific Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils which focus on a specific system of the body allowing for detailed targeting of the symptoms and underlying causes of many ailments and illnesses.

In the comments section, tag 1 friend and write: AromaTouch Technique December 18 at 8: And how special is this tribute. Studies, like the one below, have shown that Ginger has the ability to improve gastric health.

A great Aromatherapy starter kit! It seeks to address four systemic constants of daily life stress management, immune support, inflammatory response and autonomic imbalance to produce a profound whole-body wellness aeomatouch. In the comments section, write down the one word that best describes how you feel after receiving an AromaTouch Technique!

Focus will be on toning, gentle strengthening and improving mobility and increasing flexibility.

How to Use Essential Oils? On the 9th day of Christmas, kjt are giving away 5 AromaTouch Keychains! Also includes the handy scent free Fractionated Coconut Oil, carrier oil to dilute your essential oil to get you started right away.


New pack from doTERRA. What’s in the Aromatouch kit. – Shop Naturally News Blog

In the comments section, tell us about the last AromaTouch you gave! It is a powerful way to give anyone an essential oil experience, either on-the-go with a quick hand technique, or focused nourishing touch with the full technique. On the 2nd day of Christmas, we are giving away a 5ml bottle of Lavender! In the comments section, tell us aromatocuh the last time you used Lavender and why you love it so much!

The Consult includes an innovative, technology scan to measure the kot responses to electronic frequencies to generate personalized wellness evaluation. AromaTouch Technique December 19 at 8: Sections of this page.

AromaTouch Kit – MTHFR Support

A number of levels are shown to ensure you can challenge yourself and increase your ability. AromaTouch Technique December 22 at 9: In the comments section, tag 3 friends that did something nice for you lately and give them a big thank you!

Share with your friends. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? All for free courtesy of BCC. Please always consult your medical provider with questions regarding zromatouch, illness, and general health concerns. aro,atouch

To enter make sure you: Respond in the comments section according to each post. Respond in the comments section according to each post All winners will be announced on Christmas Eve!


The effects were more powerful than our scientists aromatouxh have predicted. Abs, buts and thighs are core focus to help you burn off unwanted fat.

Feel refreshed by toning up in the great outdoors. On the 7th day of Christmas, we are giving away a 5ml bottle of Wild Orange! AromaTouch Technique December 23 at 9: Melissa works with inspired individuals who are ready to aromatoucn and manage their health through natural, holistic activities to nourish their mind, body and spirit.

If you are ever in need of proper digestive support, use the Ginger essential oil for your Hand Technique! Tone stretch and strengthen your body into shape and feel great. We appreciate all of you who have participated in our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

What is AromaTouch Technque?

Like our Facebook Page 2. Get the tissues ready. Wow, we had such an amazing time in Australia! It has filled our hearts with iit to see all of the positivity being shared through the AromaTouch Technique!