Scada hardware includes a central processing unit cpu or controller module that receives data from field sensors, determines control actions based on user. This guide describes Version 7 of the ASPIC Suite, a set of computer programs to fit non-equilibrium stock-production models to fisheries data. The SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system is a data while the DIAView configuration software execution environment is.

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Equipment, variables, files, formulas, scales or other properties and user defined properties for each case. When setting a database at the software in spreadsheet tags, you can generate SCADA system reports, analysis, and charts with system data stored through the “Reports” menu. A window appears with several models that generate predefined applications ,anual can be changed as needed.

The tags azpic contains properties to define what will be read or written in the equipment. Some of the main properties are: Each property can be a column in this PLC tags spreadsheet. When you release the mouse button, the window for selecting the driver will be shown:. The Param1 will be the register address and Param2 will be the equipment node number Example: Set up communication port, speed, timing, etc Set the communication parameters.

Example for serial port COM1: Optionally, for remote connections, type the IP of the server in the Server field:.

The tag may be also a variable for generic purposes. Use, for example, the VAR driver. Click on the database column. The maual can be set by dragging the mouse pointer with the left mouse button on the database column like it was done with the driveror by clicking on the title of database column to select all SCADA software tags at the system group.

To change the database settings using the menu item “Reports” – “Edit Database”. At the first time, in this stage of development, a window will be shown for choosing a system report template that can be customized later:.

Set a name for the system report. It will be a file with a LGX extension that will contain a layout, formats, formulas, scripts and other reporting features. On this panel the objects and HMI visual scadda are designed and can be used as the interface for the user.

These HMI objects can be displays, pictures, animations, controls, etc Select the desired object and place in the panel.


Does anyone have the experience with Aspic ?

Click on the HMI panel or drag the mouse pointer with the left button to draw the object. At the examples above, it was added an HMI object “displaytext”, and a “Edit” object used to change values. For that, click twice on the visual object at the panel, or select the “Formula” property of the object. The title property at tag’s spreadsheet can be used as asic description and passed automatically to the visual object. Tag’s names also can be freely set, but must have no spaces and cannot be repeated in the same system group.

In the following case was included a button. By clicking once on it, a window at the right shows its properties. In the above example, these properties was changed: Text with the value “Report” and system Report set to the report lgx name. The Text property in this case is the title. If you want to create or associate a report to the button, just click the right mouse over the button and select “Show this button’s report”. Another important property is Command. Example thermometer visual object.

The upper and lower limits can be associated to the worksheet. Before learning how to create new objects in SCADA software, it is needed to understand two concepts: To draw in the panel using vector objects click on the button. More details of vector objects see the topic Drawing objects. One way to do this aepic using the PageObject object.

It is possible to create an object with a group of objects based on a standard panel. One way to do this is using the PageObject. In the example below object Picture is configured as a button with animation.

Property Double State unchecked:. Clicking on this object, the SCADA tag state associated with it will be changed to values switching between 0 and 1. But when the property Current State became 1 then the object enter in a animation state switching states from 1 to the maximum number of states. In this case, motor1. It can be used used too a manusl animated file. Nevertheless set the maximum number of states. More details about visual objects see the topic Visual Objects.

Scripts are sequences manaul instructions or programs used to customize the SCADA software application’s actions to meet the process. They are executed within the available events in the system.


Tags can be divided into groups.

What is SCADA?

These groups may be stations, equipment, modules, machines, units, aspkc, etc SCADA tags names can be equal to each other, just by changing the groups and addresses.

Once set the panel it may be associated in real time for any of the groups. This also applies to database and system reports. It is not necessary to create a different database for each group. The existence of several groups with the same bank, these groups will automatically be stored in parallel as follows: At the system report, they can be displayed individually or in groups.

Aslic the examples below. Click the menu New – Example with groups. If you want to use this example to start the development of your application.

Just select the example with groups, save and reset the SCADA tags, panels and system reports as required. In the example above ID.

In general keep the same database name, for all groups. Set names for the panel pages. Click with the mouse right button on the page’s tab, and select the Rename option.

What is SCADA? Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Page with the value “Station” and ChangeTag with the property “1 – Yes”. Associate each button with the desired group. In execution mode, when the user clicks on one of these buttons, the page “Station” will be shown, and its objects automatically associated with the group. Instead of creating buttons, you can create custom objects with information from each group. Use in this case PageObject. Plays this application at least once.

The system will create the database. Then stop the application. ID field type set to 1 – Text. After stored some data in SCADA software database, create a Button, click with mouse right button over it, select “Show this button’s report” option. Example of visual object Picture file. This visual HMI object can be used to many purposes. Buttons of two states, status information, simple illustration, etc Pictures files can be bmp, jpeg, gif or emf vector. At the example below Picture is set to double status button Double state property:.