We’ve already got dataslates and formations and they appear to be coming back around again and with the Inqusition style books (GK, SoB, Inquisittion) all. We’ve already got dataslates and formations and they appear to be coming back around again and with the Inqusition style books (GK, SoB. Dataslate: Officio Assassinorum. Officio Assassinorum Dataslate Dataslate: Officio Assassinorum is a Games Workshop background book.

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There are readers that look at this as simply a money grab for the new books, however in background, flexibility of playing, it was inevitable and right that all of these should be separated.

I remember all the complaining that went on when in the Grey Knight codex the written background was trying to justify the addition of assassins and Inquisition being part of the codex, and it was a hard pill to swallow.


Now there is a lot of complaining that they are being separated.

Officio Assassinorum Archives – 3++

This in my mind, makes it much easier to play these forces when they are separate, which I really like. Of course a lot of this comes from myself being an older player, and remembering when assassins were in many imperial guard armies, but I miss being able to use them. I datsslate that giving these two forces, their undivided attention that my interest is once again looking at both of these forces.

Things I am looking at! There are a few concerns I am looking at of course. Psybolt ammunition, Psycannons, the Aegis, and more. These things directly effect my own armies. Psycannons and Psybolt ammo is assassinorm of the things that led me to start a Grey Knight army in the first place.

I have 40 Purifiers with Crowe I just love their backgroundand hope that now we will see a formation with him leading it!


Im all over that. Technically I could switch these over to a new army I have been working on, and that would not be a bad thing.

Officio Assassinorum

I sataslate hoping that these are in there, however, I could easily see them go. Grey Knight Stormravens are very cool, and great at taking out pesky Psykers, and where they end up could change many peoples builds.

Regardless, know that I will be watching for codex bits very closely over the next week, and I can’t wait to break these guys out of their foam. Separating Grey Knights from Assassins and the Inquisition Its a good move forward. AssassinsGrey Knights. Faeit Community News Loading