Pipe Specification A Specification. A NPS 1/4 — 30″, Schedules 10, 40 and XL THD, Lightwall. Scope. Covers two ASTM A of Bundled Pipe). ASTM A is described as electric-resistance-welded steel pipe. Grade A contains % C, % Mn, % S and P. Grade B contains. ASTM A Standard Specification for Electric-Resistance-Welded Steel Pipe.

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A135 Grade A & B Tubing

Property Data This page displays only the z135 of a material data sheet. Which in itself, a single-pass application is less then desireable for a leak proof system. By – Date The values stated in each system may not q135 exact equivalents; therefore, each system shall be used independently of the other.

Sprinkler systems for fire control in buildings 1″ threaded sockets welded over holes drilled every few feet in 4″ pipe using GMAW, 70S6 wire 0.

ASTM A Steel, grade B

A nondestructive electric test, either electromagnetic eddy current or ultrasonic test, may be preferred as an alternate to the hydrostatic test. See if it’s a crack through the wall or is it LOF. Specimens of the steel pipes are subject to flattening test and hydrostatic test. Note 2 — This provision is not intended to prohibit the cold bending of Grade B pipe. Powered by mwForum 2. The pipe is intended for conveying gas, vapor, water or other liquid; only Grade A is adapted for flanging and bending Note 2.


Colorado – Section Grade B contains 0. Grade A contains 0. The weld seam of electric-resistance welded pipe to Grade B pipe shall be heat treated after welding or processed in such a manner that no untempered martensite remains. Subscribe to Premium Services Searches: Some of the pipes are painted and some are coated with a ‘varnish’ like material.

Nevada – Section ASTM A is described as electric-resistance-welded steel pipe. Rochester – Section Questions or comments about MatWeb? Nebraska – Section If you want to find out what’s really happening at the failure site, I would advise removing the portion of weld that’s adjacent to the leak flush with the wall and perform a PT test.

ASTM A135 and ASME SA135 Carbon Steel Pipes

San Francisco – Section To see MatWeb’s complete data sheet for this material including material property data, metal compositions, material suppliers, etcplease click the button below. Click here to view all the property values for this datasheet as they were originally entered into MatWeb. Electric-resistance welded steel pipe Key Words: The suitability of pipe for various purposes is somewhat dependent upon its dimensions, properties, and conditions of service, so that the purpose for which the pipe is intended should be stated in the order.

Leaks at toes of weld when hydraulically tested with water psi. Steel may be cast in ingots or may be strand cast.

Arizona – Section Please contact us at webmaster matweb. Several things pop up flags in your message. Work Item s – proposed revisions of this standard. It is informational only and not an official part of the standard; the full text of the standard itself must be referred to for its use and application.


The pipe may be furnished either nonexpanded or cold expanded at the option of the manufacturer.

This abstract is a brief summary of the referenced standard. My best guess is that hydrogen from the coating, along with the hardness of the HAZ is causing underbead cracks at the toes of the weld. The pipe shall be manufactured from flat rolled steel in individual lengths or continuous length by electric-resistance or electric-induction welding without the addition of extraneous material. Any suggestions for weld procedure would be appreciated.

Data sheets for over astmm, metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites. Or if you don’t have an account with us yet, then click here to register. North Florida – Section The steel shall be made by either or both basic-oxygen or electric-furnace processes. Florida West Coast – Section Puget Sound Olympic – Section Users requiring more precise data for scientific or engineering calculations can click on the a13 value to see the original value as well as raw conversions to equivalent units.

When pipe is cold expanded, the amount of expansion shall not exceed 1.