When Shihan Jigoro Kano developed his new method of jujutsu, Kodokan Judo, he established three major technical groups: nage waza, katame waza and. Katame-waza (29 grappling techniques) – Atemi-waza (22 striking techniques) The Nage-waza, Katame-waza and Atemi-waza are further divided into groups as. I’m searching material about atemi waza. I’m asking myself especially if there is a techniques similar to a hook punch of western boxing?.

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Judo techniques are divided into three major categories: Nage waza are many and varied, their purpose being to unbalance an judk posture and throw the opponent to the floor. Nage waza can be divided into two main types: Although the hands,hips, and feet are used in all these techniques, the technique names are taken from the body part or action which is central to the motion.

Judo atemi waza – Wikipedia

The main nage waza are shown below. Katame waza consist of holding, strangling, joint twisting, and counter bending techniques, etc.


These techniques qaza divided into three groups: The main “Katame waza” Grappling techniques are explained below. Due to their hazardous nature, Ate waza are not used in competition or in normal practice sessions.

Nage waza Throwing techniques Nage waza can be divided into two main types: With his right arm inserted under uke’s armpit, tori spins around on his right foot with his back against uke.

Tori then lowers his right shoulder and throws uke over his shoulder in a circular motion. Tori then spins so that his hips are against uke, and uses his right leg to sweep uke’s weight-bearing right leg from the floor, and finally throws uke over his hip.

Tori then carries Uke’s body over his own head with wazw leg, thus throwing Uke to the floor. Katame waza Grappling techniques Katame waza consist of holding, strangling, joint twisting, and counter bending techniques, etc. Kesa Gatame Scarf hold [Osae waza] Tori lies on his side over the supine body of Uke while holding Uke’s arm in his armpit, with his other arm around Uke’s neck.

With his legs wide apart, Tori holds Uke down in this posture.


Kami shiho gatame Top four corner hold [Osae waza] Tori lies face down with his upper body over the supine Uke’s chest or abdominal area. In this posture, Tori pins both of Uke’s arms to his sides, thus effectively holding Uke down.

Nami-juji-jime Normal cross strangle [Shime waza] With arms crossed, Tori grips both sides of Uke’s collar, thus strangling him.

Judo Kodokan atemi waza

Ude hishigi juji gatame Cross lock [Kansetsu waza] Tori lies on his back grasping one of Uke’s wrists with both hands, and with both thighs scissoring the upper part of that trapped arm. The arm is pulled to hyperextend the elbow or the shoulder. Ate waza Striking techniques “Ate waza” or “Atemi waza” consist of striking maneuvers by the hand, fingers, edge of the hand, elbow, knee, foot, and heel aimed at vital points on the opponent.