Bibliography. Copyright © Narinder Singh Sall “Brief Biological Sketch of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji”. Retrieved from. (c) Gyani Nahar Singh’s Preface PUBLISHER’S NOTE The first edition of ‘Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh’ was published in the year. Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh. by Dr. Trilochan Singh (Author) Language The History and the Compilation of Dasam Granth. Language: English.

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May Third Edition: Print well,Ind. Andith i Du niya. Sack Khand Dan han. Nam te Mam d” Uatta Satguru. Gurmat Nam Abhyas Kamai.

Gurmat Adhyatam Karam Philosophy. Chara n Kamal k i Mauj. Anhad Shabad Dasam Duar. Gurbani Dian Lagan Matron di Vilakhanta. Jot Vigas Long Poem. Darshan Jhalkan Verses Autobiography of Bhai Randhir Singh Monographs Meaning of Sikh Baptism English. Umar Kaidi da Supna. Timar Agyan ton Ujyara. Singhan da Panth Nirala. Baba Vaid Rogiyan da.

Ko Virla Gurmat Chalae Jeo. Haumen Naaven Naal Virodh Hai.

Zahir Zahoor Guru Gobind Singh. Adrishat Waheguru de Partakh Darshan.

Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh – SikhBookClub

Sikhi Sinngh te Dharam Rakhya Poems. Kirtani Jathe de Singhan di Dastan. Bhai Sahib Bhai Bandhir Singh Ji This Translation is dedicated to the Sacred Memory of MOTHER KARTAR KAUR whose heroic struggle to brave the sorrow and sufferings for freedom and faith were an inspiration to all who augobiography her, met her and saw her facing with stoic endurance and calm patience untold misery, threats, oppression for the country’s freedom while her husband, the hero of this book, languished and suffered in-human treatment in British prisons for seventeen years.

Search for the Mystic Word Nam Illumination of Divine Name The Vision of God Blessedness and Divine Vision Holy Mother Gulab Kaur In the Khalsa College In the Multan Prison From Multan to Hazaribagh Prison Jailer Vadhava Ram’s Atrocities The Art of Making Gold Clairvoyance of Kirpa Singh and more Harassment Struggle for Rights and Justice Death of Kehar Singh and Departure for Madras On the way to Nagpur Prison More Troubles in Nagpur Pf The Spirit and Personality of Sikhs From Nagpur to Lahore Meeting with Bhagat Singh Shahid Supplementary letters of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Preface to the Punjabi Edition: Bhai Vir Singh’s Introduction Since then we remained quite busy with the publication autoboigraphy the other works of Bhai Sahib and could not bring out its second edition earlier much to the disappoint- ment of the interested readers.

Later on the printing of the book had to be further delayed as some valuable research material was proposed to be added by the Translator to his Introductory Thesis and the Appendices. Due to pressing demand of the readers, we have however, been obliged autobiogdaphy bring out the second edition with appropriate revision of the text by the learned translator without his proposed additional material. Balbir Singh Ludhiana Bhai Randhir Singh was born on Sunday, July 7, Autobiograpuy built in body, his height at the age of 25 is recorded as sungh feet 8 inches.


After Matriculating he became a primary school teacher in He took diploma in teaching as a private autobiograhy and was posted as Headmaster Middle School, Ludhiana in For a few months he was transferred to Amritsar inbut he again joined as Mathematics teacher and Superintendent Boarding House of Government High School, Ludhiana on a pay of Rs.

Inhe passed the highest Persian and Arabic examina- tion known as Munshi Fazil.

The next year, he was appointed District Inspector of Schools in the grade of Rs. Sardar Natha Singh now aspired for greater position and a profession of prestige than that of a low paid staff of the education department.

Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh

The permission autobiographg granted 1 and S. Natha Singh uatobiography the successive Law Examinations securingposition in merit list. After becoming a full-fledged lawyer, he resigned from his post of District Inspector of Schools.

He even sought the permission of Bench Court of Bbhai to practise in the Sirmur State, which was immediately granted, but as far as we know, bhaj did not go to Nahan. He might have gone there to fight some cases. He was soon promoted and made Canal Nazim and then aNazim. Reviewing the book Mr. Bishan Das Puri wrote: The task accomplished by him is by no means easy.

The Punjabi equivalent of legal terms are felicitous and the style is marked by perspicuity. The book will be particularly useful to those who know only Punjabi as they will find in it such legal knowledge as bears upon their daily conduct in an easily accessible form”. Chatterjee of the Punjab Chiefs Court wrote, u I hope it will prove useful to the Government and promote the progress of Punjabi language which I have so much to heart”.

Sardar Sujan Bhak, Foreign Minister, Patiala State calls it u an excellent production” and says, “It was a very difficult task to render a standard Law Book into a language which is not very rich in its vocabulary and which has for its most part been neglected by the educated class of bha Province. The success which has been achieved by Sardar Natha Singh will, I believe, remove many of the misgivings of the people and encourage the study and cultivation of mother tongue.

The translation is in idiomatic Puryabi and I consider it more intelligible than the one which is said to be in standard Urdu.

Panjab Digital Library – Digitization of Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh

The author deserves the hearty thanks of the Puiyabi speaking people and the State is to be congratulated on securing the services of such a learned man for such an important and difficult task. It is hoped that the labours of this highly talented Translator will be duly appreciated both by the Patiala State and L Copy, Docket No. He distinguished himself as a wellver sed scholar of Punjabi, Persian and English literature. Family tradition says that Bhai Bhagtu had predicted that for seven generations there would always be a saint in the family, and the daughters of the direct descendants would be pious, truthful, sharp-tongued and whatever they utter with an inspired conviction would come to pass.


Natha Singh was a stern, judicious, liberal and profound scholar, his mother Punjab Kaur was extremely sensitive, strong-willed, pious and abstemious. Randhir Singh inherited his learning and scholarship from his father but he imbibed the piety and abstemious habits of his mother. He inherited the qualities of the head from his father and the qualities of the heart from his mother. He was a very healthy lad, bubbling with 2. Sardar Dasaunda Singh wrote: The language employed is clear, simple and equivalents of legal terms are chosen with extreme care and in every respect it is a very faithful rendering of the original.

Hind Dandauali is a convincing proof of the fact that Punjabi is capable of discharging all the functions of a Court language and it is bound to serve as an eye-opener for those who looked upon Punjabi as a mere jargon of ignorant people. To achieve such a success in a first attempt in quite a new field is not an ordinary thing and deserves appreciation at the hands of all who have the cause of Punjabi at heart.

The author employed words and phrases of everyday use of Punjabi people.

He took great pains in finding out most appropriate words and terms conveying the sense and idea of the original and rendered a great service to the Punjabis. The book is the best of its kind and is an object lesson to the opponents of Punjabi who openly declare that the Punjabi language is not expressive and that its vocabulary is not rich enough to express the full sense of the language.

Each and every word of the original has been quite correctly translated and in many places the words chosen are most expressive and simpler than the Arabic words used in Urdu translation. Bibi Bach iter Kaur daughter of Bhai Randhir Singh’s maternal uncle is the living saint in the family. At the young age of 17, she came under the influence of Sant Attar Singh and she had oppportunity to meet her saintly cousin, Bhai Randhir Singh, when he came out of the prison.

She spent her whole life in meditations and prayers and shuns public appearance. Quiet, shy, spiritually illumined Bachiter Kaur is the one dedicated soul I have seen who has spent her whole life in the purity and perfection of divinely inspired ideals. She avoids meetig people and for her the only life is the life of contemplation and communion with God. At the age of seven or eight he fell from the roof of a two storey building face downwards.

He was taken in a critical condition to the Civil Hospital, Ludhiana. For three days he struggled for survival and regained consciousness on the fourth day. It is during this fall that his sharp and aquiline nose became slightly flattened like the nose of Buddha in his far-eastern images.