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Snarf Bailey to spiffhiggins.

I don’t think it’s a true bridge mode. I’m looking for an older Cellpipe modem to compare. How is your sage,com connected to the modem? Snarf Bailey to TilhasBB. TilhasBB Premium Member join: It just won’t dial. Anyone able to get the Sagecom in bridge mode? The steps linked in the other thread work for some people. Having said that, I dont sagemcim it’s necessary to reset the Sagemcom. I’ve setup third party routers behind Sagemcoms for customers, so long as the third party router is set to do it’s OWN pppoe session.

The cpe router seems to get a public IP no problem in most cases from what I’ve experienced.

Sagemcom Configuration – Support

How much is the rental cost on the Sagemcom? I understand they raised the rental price Bell Canada chat advised the following to put the Sagemcom f st into bridge mode: If anyone else tries the above and it works, please let me know.

Sounds like a good way to get you off the phone but it doesn’t make sense that it would magically change to bridge mode after rebooting it 2 or 3 times Well, it actually seems to belll worked! I successfully bridge my Linksys E with my Sagemcom f st and did not suffer any reduction in speed wired.

Hey guysI’m ok with pppoe coming from Sage but my question is if I set up an untangle box with modem pppoe do I need to follow the same steps? I’m worried i’ll create a double nat, or somehow degrade my lan. I’d rather not give bell access to my LANI hate the idea that bell can at anytime see my devices etc while using sgaemcom modem as dhcp server. Can I just disable dhcp? Sageemcom that a way to keep PPOE on the modem but have my router handle all devices etc?

You can PPPoE through the Sagemcom from your sayemcom without issue, without putting it into an official bridge mode if there even is one. You won’t have double NAT, your router will receive an IP from Bell, and I haven’t seen any issues with getting 264 the rated speed.

If you later look at the Sagemcom’s logs, there’s entries such as “Passthrough session opened” whenever an external PPPoE connection is made. With that said, the Sagemcom still insists on making its own PPPoE session at the same time, even if you blank out the connection details – because it then auto-fills with functional defaults.

They need to add a way to properly disable PPPoE on this thing I agreeit’s just assumed that the average customer wants all in one set up i.

There isn’t any focus on us consumers that realize for one how unsafe it is to trust really god knows whomever is behind that remotely accessible router. There should be an updated firmware that will essentially allow complete bridge mode, passing along the public IP leaving the Sagemcom in “dummy mode”. In my case PPOE establishing on Untangle isn’t recommended as certain apps will not function properly. Sunfox has a point about using too many IPs, however the cost of creating firmware for a completely “bridge” mode might also be prohibitive?


However, I can recall replacing a Sagemcom last week with a Sagemcom There is a sagemcim on the front to turn off the wireless so I deactivated that as well. I placed the Sagemcom in “factory default” by pressing the reset button on the bottom after going through the “walled garden” just to make sure the user ID was properly activated and any firmware upgrades to the Sagemcom were downloaded.

The customer’s device took saggemcom the PPPoe sageemcom they have a “single static” IP service and only one device can log in. It worked well for their needs I understand that you can have your own device establish the pppoe but what I’m interested in is having the sagemcom take care of that and aagemcom along only sahemcom “public ip”. From what I understand that is a capability on some dsl modems. What’s happening in my case is that if I want my router to accept a “dynamic” or “static bbell verses “pppoe”I’m getting a private LAN IP i.

SG :: Sagemcom [email protected] DSL Wireless Router

I’ve tried disabling dhcp in the settings ultimately it just disables any connectivity to the ports. Examples of passing “public IP”: I don’t see any settings that would indicate that something like that is possible on the Sagemcom. At least not with what’s exposed to the public.

After patiently waiting for March to roll around to see if Bell actually pulls the throttling as they have said they would therefore solving the “synch no surf” issue for everyone I am still experiencing the issue and sagemcomm just gotten off of the phone with an escalations person at Bell. Now, I’m not getting off topic to this thread and here is why.

As soon as the escalations person, who had called me back as a result of numerous support calls over the weekend, heard that I was looking for info regarding the removal of the throttling he immediately changed the subject and told me that because I have my router bbell all of the work, instead of the SagemCom Gateway, there was nothing anyone could do to help me. Unless I wanted to remove my router from play he couldn’t answer my questions.

After I got done laughing I basically told him that all I needed was an answer yes or no, throttling gone or not so sagemckm I could pursue this if needed. What a bunch of scumbags. Liars and obfuscators ok I know that’s really not a word, lol the whole lot of them. There is not one decent ISP in all of Toronto as my experiences over the last year proves.

It’s probably all of Canada but I can really only comment on Toronto currently.

I think that the guy who comes by twice a week to stuff Bell propaganda under my door needs a boot to the head just to make me feel better, lol I think I experienced my first “sync no surf” issue last night.


Basically I was browsing around and downloading a few things I could no longer access email or any web sites, but the PPP connection appeared open and I could ping and even traceroute to sagemmcom web. My PPP is handled by my router, so I tried dropping the connection, but it didn’t help. Rebooted the router, didn’t help. In the end, I had to reboot the modem and all went back to normal. One of the big issues with this problem, belp since pings continue to work, my router was unable to detect that this WAN interface had gone down and route me through my backup connection.

Get in the Direct forum, I got my horrible sync-no-surf sorted out after a few rounds of nell tweaking.

And torrents are still blazing fast. It’s only happened once so far, and it took 3 weeks to happen. We’ll see if it happens again. I’m already on a non-standard profile due to reduced upload speed.

OK I answered my own question, and all of one reason I even came to an understanding of this solution was modern warfare 3. Did a quick Google search to find the ports to open, did so on my router and Maybe it just leaves one port open? Either way its still resolving IP addresses. Regardless disabling DHCP did not solve my issues. This proves to folks out there that simply plug in there own router to the Sagemcom without any configuration that, unless they dmz in Sagemcom settings the “private” ip given to their router from the Sagemcom, or in the more popular case have there router handle the PPPOE all 28644, you might run into issues of either double NATor having the Sagemcom firewall your traffic.

Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning Rental car lied to sgaemcom Friend bragging about 10 year old car with really low mileag [ Automotive ] by IowaCowboy Dear Comcast, I won’t use your email service Glen1 MVM Dec-3 5: Snarf Bailey to spiffhiggins Member Dec-3 9: You would be right, it’s not true bridge Mode.

The Sagemcom Gateway has the advanced settings that would allow you to actually bridge it locked away via password and sgaemcom can’t get that password. Believe me, I have tried every possible avenue to get the passwords and no one will cough them up.

“bell sagemcom 2864” in Buy & Sell in Toronto (GTA)

According to Bell they lock the advanced settings away because if they don’t people will futz with it and it generates too many support calls. That’s what I was told by them anyway. InvalidError to Glen1 Member Dec-5 8: Whether sagmcom not this is a net increase on modem rental depends on how long you rent it for Glen1 MVM Dec 8: Johnsonrod Member Feb Sunfox Member Feb Johnsonrod Member Feb 9: Sunfox Member Mar-6 1: Sunfox Member Mar-6 7: Most Active Forum Topics this week