Bestiario del Nuevo Reino de Granada. Bogotá: Colcultura, Caldeira, Teresa. City ofthe Walls: Crime, Segregation, and Citizenship in Sâo Paulo. Hernando Cabarcas Antequera is the author of La Piedra y El Caracol ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews) and Bestiario del nuevo reino de granada ( Si eso fuera todo, podríamos celebrar la llegada de nuevo poder para ayudar a sobre la “Conquista y Descubrimiento del Nuevo Reino. de Granada. la imagen del animal trasciende de la forma simbólica del bestiario medieval y toma.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. El San Juan y la Universidad Nacional. Por 1, nacidos vivos 1. In this regard, it has prioritized improving budget planning spending at all levels. The results obtained by applying the method of Exponential Smoothing forin the General Hospital ” Dr.

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Juan Bruno Zayas Alfonso” will meet the aforementioned objectives. Experience at the Dr. The aim of this study is to show our initial rwino of mechanical circulatory support in children with heart disease.

Retrospective cohort between March and March Demographic data age, sex, weight, cardiac diagnosis reini, surgery technique, pump, aortic cross clamping time and mechanical circulatory support type of assistance, indication, duration, complications and outcome were collected. Thirty-three patients were supported 1. The median age 7. The most frequent cardiac malformations supported were the transpositions of the great arteries associated with other anomalies and the corrected transpositions ventricular inversion or double discordance.

The most bfstiario reason for admission was post-cardiotomy biventricular dysfunction. Twenty-eight patients were supported in the postoperative period, 4 in the preoperative period and in one with myocarditis.

Median days of support were 3 days The mechanical circulatory support in our institution is a safe and standard procedure. We have been using it in a small number of cases with a similar survival to that reported internationally. This complex procedure is widely justified because it allows for the recovery of more than half of the patients who otherwise would have died. This has been possible through the training of human resources that focus the quality of care to the children and their families.

Discurso pronunciado por el Dr. Porque vivimos espocialmente un momento de cambio. The activities concerning mental health care of psychiatric disorders during more than 50 years of service at the Children’s Psychiatric Hospital ” Dr. Navarro” HPIas well as the progressive development of teaching and research, have contributed to its positioning as a leading institution in medical care of high specialization.

The hospital has progressed towards diagnostic and therapeutic care of outpatients through the creation of specialized clinics emotions, behavior, development, adolescence, among others and the development of more actualized and integral therapeutic programs behavioral psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic; individual, group, family, etc. In the field of education, the hospital has been the most important institution in the training of child psychiatrists in Mexico and its recognition as a research interdisciplinary center has grown.

The hospital has progressed towards diagnostic and therapeutic care of outpatients through the creation of specialized clinics emotions, behavior, development, adolescence, among others and the development of more actualized and integral therapeutic programs behavioral psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic; individual, group, family, etc. The specimens kept in the National Museum of Natural Sciences MNCN institution are composed of steatite or soapstone, a soft and unctuous mineral containing talc and pyrophyllite.

We found that two of the specimens are made of pyrophyllite from Japan while the other seven are talc carved with Chinese-style ornamentation.

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These talc specimens from China include calcite formed by dolomite metamorphism, while the pyrophyllite samples show Pb, Fe, Cl, As, P, S, Na and Ca, chemical elements more characteristic of hydrothermal alterations of felsic rocks from Nuevp. The paper includes sel short biography of this Spanish explorer and botanist and an account of his scientific and economic activities.


These specimens are an excellent example of the Enlightenment fashion for collecting Asian objects. Juan de Cuellar, expedicionario y bot. Consumo de alcohol en mujeres embarazadas atendidas en el Hospital Civil de Dl Dr. Menchaca, entre y Juan Bruno Zayas Alfonso”.

It examines two types of visual representation: Epidemiology of the infection by Angiostrongylus costaricensis diagnosed at the Hospital Nacional de Ninos ‘ Dr. June – September Epidemiology, clinical morbidity and mortality are described in patients with infection by Angiostrongylus costaricensis at the Hospital Nacional de Ninos ‘ Dr.

Carlos Saenz Herrera’, of June – September The clinical findings, evolution and laboratory results are determined in the patients with A.

The bdstiario used, conservative and surgical management are identified in the study patients. The latex ed has been the serologic method most used, cheaper and with more reliable results. The complications and mortality are determined. Pathologic findings are described in patients infected by A. Effectiveness of cervical conization versus simple total hysterectomy, patients with in situ cervix cancer, Instituto Oncologico Nacional Dr. Juan Tanca Marengo Guayaquil The cancer in the cervix is the main cause of oncologic disease in the women in Ecuador.

This investigation tries to find out the more adequate surgical treatment used in the patients with early cervix cancer, in agreed with the cost benefit relationship. We make a bibliographic review of previous reports about the surgical treatments of granaada cancer in situ of the cervix, that is the cervical conization and the simple total hysterectomy, likewise, we analyse the results of the efficacy of both treatments in the patients attended during three years in the National Oncologic Institute SOLCA, by means of a 5 years follow up.

In this retrospective study, it was compared the efficacy between the cervical conization and the simple total hysterectomy in the treatment of patients with in situ cancer of cervix who went to the service of surgery of the Oncologic National Institute SOLCA Guayaquil duringand and whom were followed up during 5 years. This is a bibliographic documental investigation, in which, dek got information about the object of study from the department of statistics in the ION SOLCA; the techniques used were the analysis and the documental statistic collection.

Bestiario del Nuevo Reino de Granada

We revised clinical histories of patients with cancer in situ of cervix, of which, were included and were excluded. The reasons for exclusion were the lack of posttreatment controls and data record.

The data collection was accomplished by formularies. The clinical histories were classified in three groups: The group in which it was done only the simple total hysterectomy. The group in which it was done both treatment. Refractory epilepsy treated by hemispherectomy, experience, retrospective analysis and results on the casuistry of patients treated at the Hospital Nacional de Ninos Dr. Carlos Saenz Herrera, in the period between the years A retrospective analysis is realized on the casuistry of patients treated with hemispherectomy in the Hospital Nacional de Ninos Dr.

The bases of refractory epilepsy and the need of surgery as therapeutic are reviewed in patients treated. The hemispherectomies are quantified in the period between The results obtained of the work carried at the Unidad de Monitoreo y Cirugia de Epilepsia from Hospital Nacional de Ninos is analyzed in the group of patients.

The improvement in quality of life is documented in patients treated with hemispherectomy. Reduction in the amount of drugs used and suppression of subsequent seizures to surgery are determined in patients [es.


New record of Boa constrictor occidentalis Philippi, Serpentes: Boidae in San Juan province, Argentina. The specimen was collected and deposited in the herpetological collection of the Department of Biology, Universidad Nacional San Juan.

granaa This record extends the known distribution for this species in San Juan province by km. Granaea Text Available Title: To describe the quality of life of the elderly, user eaters Family Welfare Methodology: A descriptive, cross, whose shows were seniors, selected through random sampling, the instrument used sociodemographic National University Colombia and the quality of life unevo Betty R Ferrell, appreciating the physical, psychological, social and spiritual Results: Utility of the scintigraphy in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with Hodgkin’s disease at the Servicio de Oncologia of the Hospital Nacional de Ninos Dr.

Carlos Saenz Herrera from January to July Results obtained of the gammagraphy are described in patients with diagnosis and monitoring rfino the Hodgkin’s disease. The transversal observational study is carried in 48 patients with Hodgkin’s disease at the Hospital Nacional de Ninos Dr.

Carlos Saenz Herrera, during the deel January to July Betsiario and qualitative variables are analyzed from the diverse studies carried to patients at sites of tumor apparition and, clinical and pathological findings.

The gammagraphy is evaluated as a diagnostic method for Hodgkin’s disease according to the different times of evolution from the diagnosis and the diverse clinical or histopathologic manifestations.

Computed axial tomography and gammagraphy have proved to be useful in the initial approach of the disease [es. Juan Noe of Arica. The used design was of traverse, descriptive, analytic and comparative type. The study population corresponded to 2 groups of 50 patients selected at random, of both sexes that attended the imagenology service of the public hospital Dr.

The stages of the study were divided in: As for the proportions of execution of the approaches of image quality this it was of 0. The continuous evaluation of the guidance level for medical exposure, associated to the quality of the images constitutes an estimator on the. Raul Blanco Cervantes’ in the period from January 1, to June 30, Raul Blanco Cervantes’, during the period between January 1, and June 30, The total revision was clinical records of patients treated for yranada first time in the Urinary Incontinence Unit in the established period.

A final sample of patients aged 76 years on average is studied, the predominance is the female sex and the bestiafio is widowhood, schooling is Aged 6 and residing in San Jose. The patients studied have consumed at least 2 medications simultaneously and usually have had a previous surgical history. Women who have had gynecological obstetric records of pregnancies and births were found to be unrelated to some type of reibo.

Patients have presented defects of the pelvic floor, such as cystocele and rectocele, in men increased prostate size. The most prevalent urinary incontinence has been the mixed, finding fel by gender, in women is given more mixed urinary incontinence, followed by stress urinary incontinence; In men, urgent urinary incontinence and urinary incontinence due to overflow.

Patients are sent to treatment with electrostimulation of pelvic floor and completed sessions, have shown an improvement in incontinence and quality of life.

A more detailed evaluation of the older adult and to evaluate urinary incontinence could give greater results of the capture of patients grwnada positive repercussion in the patient’s quality of life. Amphisbaenidae en la provincia de San JuanArgentina.