Aldrich Hazen “Rick” Ames is a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer turned KGB .. Betrayal: The Story of Aldrich Ames, An American Spy. New York: . Betrayal is the remarkable story of the last American spy of the cold war: Aldrich ” Rick” Ames, the most destructive traitor in the history of the Central Intelligence. ‘Rick is a goddamn Russian spy’: Does the CIA have a new Aldrich according to “Betrayal: The Story of Aldrich Ames, An American Spy,” a.

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Famous Cases — Aldrich Hazen Tge. For years, the Agency was baffled by a wily Russian spymaster who played a high-stakes chess game against the Americans, deceiving the CIA into thinking that there were other moles — or no moles at all.

Weiner wpy another winner! In AprilAmes provided information to the Soviets that he believed was “essentially valueless” but would establish his credentials as a CIA insider. Inhis father began working for the CIA ‘s Directorate of Operations in Virginiaand in was posted to Southeast Asia for three years, accompanied by his family.

Open Preview See a Problem? When the investigator assigned to Ames’s finances began a two-month training course, no one immediately replaced him.

From inside the book. Other editions – View all Betrayal: All said, it was a great read.

Aldrich Ames – Wikipedia

The book’s authors do an excellent job of compiling the facts and presenting them in an exciting and engaging way, while wrapping things up keep in mind, this was a true story with an ending that left me feeling uneasy about the security of our intelligence community as a whole. Federal Bureau of Prisons. The information our vast espionage network acquires at considerable human and ethical costs is insignificant or irrelevant to our betrahal makers’ needs.


They had little clue that there was a mole right in their headquarters in DC. To help fabricate this, Ames wired considerable amounts of his espionage profits to his new in-laws in Bogotaas well as to help improve their impoverished status.

It makes no bones about the blunders and bloomers of the CIA as well. But this is an excellent ameriacn for spy and history enthusiasts. Fascinating portrait of an astonishingly pathetic spy and the CIA culture that allowed him to get away with murder for more than a decade.

Betrayal: the Story of Aldrich Ames, an American Spy : Tim Weiner :

The book is written in fast-paced style and rings with authenticity. On February 22, zmerican, Ames and his wife were formally charged by the Department of Justice with spying for the Soviet Union and Russia.

Hardcoverpages. InAmes entered the University of Chicago planning to study foreign cultures and history, but his “long-time passion” for drama resulted in failing grades, and he did not finish his sophomore year. Great book about the biggest insider in Agency history.

This book reports his crimes exquisitely, although I may have to follow up with the most recent one written in Anneke rated it liked it Nov 02, Not the writing or the research, but because Ames himself is such a disappointing, small man. This book shows how incompetent the CIA was during the time frame.

Aldrich Ames

When in early he was scheduled to attend a conference in Moscowthe FBI believed it could wait no longer, and he hte his wife were arrested on February 21, My library Help Advanced Book Search. Archived from the original on January 29, Suzette Rowland rated it liked it Jul 30, Ames routinely assisted another CIA office that assessed Soviet embassy officials as potential intelligence assets.

All quotes are on the record and the reporting is in depth and well researched. Archived from the original on 29 October Finally, Ames in his treason trial, makes some surprisingly far-reaching observations. A better book than Pete Earley’s Confessions of a Spy, in my opinion, despite Earley’s putative unprecedented “access” to Ames. No grand ideology, no cunning spy craft here, just a greedy bumbling traitor. I enjoyed reading the book. Nevertheless, Nancy Ames netrayal part-time administrative work in her husband’s office.

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So qmerican for the technical and scientific evaluations! But when the CIA lost three other important sources of information about whom Howard could have known nothing, it was clear that the arrests and executions originated from another source.

Why do we read the lives of despicable people? Archived from the original on 13 October Views Read Edit View history. Understanding that sn new wealth would raise eyebrows, he developed a cover alldrich that his prosperity was the result of money given to him by his Colombian wife’s wealthy family. Some of this “feed material” was incorporated into CIA intelligence reports, some of which even reached three Presidents.

Betrayal: The Story of Aldrich Ames, an American Spy

Archived from the original on I found the story to be filled with intrigue and historical detail. A lot was quickly written betrayyal good editing.

River Falls, WisconsinU. There has been no rational need for thousands of case officers and tens of thousands of agents working around the worldprimarily in and against friendly countries. He leaves behind a lot of clues to his treacherous endeavors but the CIA remains simply oblivious to his deeds in spite of losing most of their prized assets over just 24 months.