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Tuesday, January 1, Murli. Sweet children, here, you are in exile. You children should have no interest in eating good food or wearing good clothes.

Pay full attention to the study and to your character. What is the way to remain constantly full of the jewels of knowledge? Sensible ones are those who listen and imbibe them and then donate them to others. Therefore, raily with discipline. Remain distant from the five vices.

Become rup and basant. The spiritual Father explains to you spiritual children. The spiritual Father speaks through the physical organs and the spiritual children listen through the physical organs. This is something new. Adily human being in the world can say this.

You, too, explain this, numberwise, according to the effort you make. It is just as when a teacher teaches, the register of the students shows everything. From their register, you can tell about their behaviour and how they study. The main thing is the study and character. This is the knowledge of the Creator and ku,aris beginning, the middle and the end of creation, of the world cycle.

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No human being in the whole world knows this. The Father Himself came and gave His own introduction. It is remembered that this is a forest of thorns. A forest would definitely catch fire. A garden of flowers never catches fire because a garden is green. The whole forest is dry. A green and luscious garden would never catch fire; a dry forest would quickly catch fire. This is the unlimited forest that caught fire and ukmaris garden was also established.

Your garden is being established in an incognito way. You know that we are becoming fragrant deities, the flowers of the garden. That is called heaven. Heaven is now being established. They listen through one ear and let it out through the other. There are so few people in Bharat in the golden and silver ages. Then, there is so much daioy in the copper and iron ages.


There, they have one or two children, whereas here, they have four or five children. Therefore, there would definitely be growth.

The people of Bharat are now called Hindus. In fact, they belonged to the deity religion. None of those of other religions forget their religion. It is the people of Bharat who have forgotten this. Look, there are so many human beings at this time. Not all of them could come here and take knowledge. Each one of you can understand your births.

Those who have taken the full 84 births would definitely be the oldest devotees. You can understand how much devotion you have performed. If you have performed less devotion, you will take less knowledge and explain to fewer people. If you have performed a lot of devotion, you will take a lot of knowledge and explain knowledge to many others.

Therefore, you receive less fruit. There is an account. A child calculated how many births those of Islam will take and how many births Buddhists will take and sent that to the Father. Buddha too was the founder of a religion. The Buddha soul entered someone and established the Buddhist religion and expansion then took place from that one. He too was a father of people Prajapita. So much expansion took place from one.

You have to become kings in the new world. Here, you are in exile. You must not have any interest in anything. Whatever you receive is kumqris.

This world is only going to last for a short time. If you wear good clothes here, that would be reduced there. You have to renounce that interest. As you children make further progress, you will automatically continue to have visions. You yourselves will say: This one is doing a lot of service. It is a wonder. He will definitely claim a high number. Then mur,i will continue to make others similar to yourselves.

Day by day, the garden will grow. However dsily deities there are in the golden and silver ages, they are all sitting here in an incognito form and they will later be revealed.

You are now claiming an incognito status. You know that you are studying in the land of death and that you will receive your status in the land of immortality.


Have you murlli seen such a study? It is a wonder how you study in the old world and receive your status in the new world. The One who is teaching you is the One who inspires establishment of the land of immortality and the destruction of the land of death. This most auspicious confluence age of yours is very short.

Brahmakumaris Daily Murli

It is in this age that the Father comes to teach you. Your study begins as soon as He comes. This is why the Father says: Write that the birthday of Shiva is also the birthday of the Gita. Now, someone should at least understand this mistake!

So many eminent people come to visit the museum. This is why Baba says: Ask them to fill in a form so that you can tell whether they have learnt anything or not.

Otherwise, what else would they do when they come here? This one has the same ordinary form. There is no change in his costume. This is why no one is able to understand. They understand that he was a jeweller. He was first a jeweller of perishable jewels and now he is a jeweller of imperishable jewels. You are making a deal with the unlimited Father who is the great Businessman, Magician and Jewel Merchant.

Therefore, each one of you should consider yourself to be rup and basant. We have jewels of knowledge in us worth hundreds of thousands. Through these jewels of knowledge you become those with divine intellects.

Brahmakumaris Murli

This too is something to understand. There are some good sensible children who imbibe these things. If someone is unable to imbibe, he is of no use. Consider that one to have a hole in dailly apron through which everything flows away.

I give you the donation of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. If you continue to make donations, you will remain full. The subjects here are very good.