– South Mall (Opp Cork Passport Office) – County Cork. A bus service operated by Bus Eireann, Bus Éireann and Bus Éireann. Monday 31 December County Cork Haulbowline – South Mall – Haulbowline – Cork Institute Of Technology bus route by Bus Éireann in Ireland. Bus Éireann: Keeping Bus Éireann customers up to date for all their bus & coach transport needs. . @Buseireann hi is the in cork running ok?.

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Individually In context Oireachtas source I am glad the Minister is here to take this Topical Issue matter personally and I thank him for being here. I am raising issues with thex and the services on behalf of constituents.

The is the service from Carrigaline through Cork city and on to Ovens. The x is 223 same service with the addition of a service to Crosshaven. The reason I am raising the issue is that I and others have been inundated with complaints about the quality of the bus service.

In particular, we have received complaints about the reliability of the service and ongoing capacity issues as well. It appears that these routes are seriously under-resourced.

They are popular, successful and profitable routes and there are people who want to use public transport. The types of issues that occur consistently unfortunately relate to buses running very late, buses being full or in some cases buses not turning up at all. We are talking about people who rely on a bu service to go to college, school, work, a hospital appointment or to go about their day-to-day lives.

It is bu not good enough. I have tried to take this issue through the regular channels. It talks about traffic congestion, wireann need for greater investment in bus lanes and it says it is looking at increasing capacity on these routes.

I do not see any improvements happening at the moment and that is why I feel the need to raise these issues here today.

The problems are both ejreann and outbound and both the and serve communities that are rapidly expanding. Towns like Carrigaline and Passage West are expanding very rapidly and they need a quality bus service. I am not blaming the bus drivers, some of whom have provided really useful feedback on the nature of the timetable. It may well be that the timetable needs to change to reflect the reality of traffic congestion which is not getting lighter.

It is not just in Dublin that there is traffic congestion; it is certainly in Cork as well. More resources are undoubtedly needed. Eiireann is no real-time information available. If one is at a bus stop in Dublin or waiting for the Luas, the sign will say when the next Luas or bus will be along, for example, in two minutes or three minutes. We do not have that service on these routes.

People stand there not knowing whether or not the bus will turn up. That is the reality of the service that people are facing.

  ISO 5832-2 PDF

I welcome the extension of the city zone fares which both of these routes avail eireznn. The and are now deemed to be within the city zone. That is a very beneficial reduction in fares, which is to be welcomed. The message from people is that it is all very good and they welcome it but it is not much good if we do not have a service we can rely on.

Bus Eireann LD (08D). | LD in Parnell Place Bus S… | Flickr

There is also a need to change routes and introduce new routes. The town of Eireannn should be connected with Passage West because there is a new primary care centre in Carrigaline, which the people of Passage West need to get to.

About 5, people eirreann in the lower harbour area of Ringaskiddy and many of them live in Carrigaline. There is no bus connection for them to get to work or to Little Island.

There are a lot of issues. In some cases overtime is not available and is not being paid, which may explain why in some cases, buses have an out-of-service sign and are eirenn back to the depot. The Minister is in charge. People are looking for answers and I look forward to hearing what the Minister has to say.

Bus Eireann LD 223 (08 D 69810) – Route 30

Individually In context Oireachtas source I thank the Deputy for raising this interesting issue. I do not think any problem is too small for us to address because it may be a microcosm of what is happening elsewhere. I am grateful to Deputy McGrath for bringing it up, although I may indeed wash my hands of some of the responsibility for it because of the structures the State has for dealing with these situations. If this is a reflection of what is happening elsewhere, it is a good thing the Deputy brought it up today.

I hope I will give the Deputy a reasonably positive response. I appreciate the fact the Deputy has raised the issue. As Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, I have responsibility for policy and overall funding of public transport. I am not involved in the day-to-day operations of public transport. The company is required to meet performance obligations on service delivery such as punctuality, services operated, vehicles in service and customer information.

The NTA has invested in a significant improvement to subsidised bus services in Cork city. This has included the provision of cross-city services, increased frequency on existing services and new services linking residential areas to places of employment and education.

Passenger numbers have grown by Further expansion of the Cork city network is planned in For example, there are improved services planned on the Ballincollig-Carrigaline corridor, including routes, x and and frequency improvements on routesa, and In addition, route is planned to link with route providing improved frequency to Glanmire via Cork Kent Station with the service also being extended to Cork Airport.

This apparent degradation of services for the customer is not acceptable and it is a matter for the company to resolve the issues promptly. I take note of what the Deputy has said and presume the company will do the same. I look forward to this issue being resolved as soon as possible. Individually In context Oireachtas source I thank buus Minister for his reply.


People locally hold me accountable politically and I have to hold the Minister accountable politically as the one in charge of this issue. He can be sure these issues are not unique to the area I represent, but it is a matter for other Deputies to raise them eifeann behalf of their constituents. It is welcome that there are plans to expand services, including theX andbut will the resources be provided to back up the intention to expand these services because lack of capacity is a problem?

Bus Eireann LD (08 D ) at Parnell Place bus statio… | Flickr

Lack of resources is, undoubtedly, a problem. People want to know whether the position is going to change. I invite the Minister to read the community noticeboards on Facebook. Local newspapers such as The Carrigdhoun also provide a Facebook platform. They have been inundated with complaints and people are utterly frustrated about buses running so late and, in some cases, not even turning up and being full that it is having a detrimental impact on their daily lives.

The fact that I have had to raise the issue in the House is born out of frustration and I am demanding action.

Key city route will see buses every 15 minutes

If the NTA measures the performance obligations, service delivery, punctuality, services and so on, it will find, unfortunately, that on these routes the quality of service has not been up to standard. There are people who want to avail of public transport which the Minister wants to encourage, but let us make it possible for them to do so by being able to rely on the provision of a decent service.

Individually In context Oireachtas source What the Deputy raises is fair and I have no doubt that what he says is true. It continues to implement measures to further improve service levels and in recent days there have only been a few cancellations.

I will not wash my hands of this issue. It is useful to hear the complaints on the floor of the House, particularly if there is an avalanche coming the Deputy’s way. Whereas the NTA has operational responsibility for everything that happens, the buck stops here and it is good that the Minister is made aware of such problems which, if they were to recur throughout the country, would become far more serious.

I acknowledge what is happening in Cork. I will be in touch with the NTA on the Deputy’s behalf and thank him for raising the subject.