Cerebus the Aardvark (or simply Cerebus) is an independent comic book series that was written and illustrated by Canadian artist Dave Sim, with backgrounds. Reprinting Cerebus Issues Welcome to Estarcion, the wildly absurd and funny world of Cerebus the Aardvark. This initial volume collects the first two years. As the creator of Cerebus, Sim is one of the medium’s biggest champions for Aardvark-Vanaheim, starting with the flagship series Cerebus.

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Cerebus is still looking like he always did except he’s gone to fat againbut people are growing old and dying around him. The Cirinists start out as just a non-violent, weirder-than-usual Monster of the Weekbut then things changed The phonebooks themselves tie into ideas presented in the aarsvark.

Cerebus The Aardvark

I have known of Cerebus for decades, but this was my first reading of this classic comic. A few standalone, uncollected stories have appeared in various collections and magazines over the years, and Cerebus has made cameo appearances on the covers of magazines such as Comics Revue. Cerebus is physically dragged into the Light after his death in the last issue, screaming for God to save him.

Unlike most comic books, it was written almost entirely by one author, Dave Sim, over a span of 27 years.

Beginning At Aardvark: The Extraordinary And Controversial Career of Dave Sim

It’s lucky that Dave Sim is a reasonable man and knows that his monumental work of art needs to be protected. The books is pretty decent, bordering on really good when one considers that this is a single person’s effort. Aug 19, Kyle Burley rated it really liked sardvark.

These two stories are accompanied by a long discussion between Cirin, Astoria, Cerebus, and Suenteus Po. May have inspired a misspelling of a certain video game boss monster.

While all this is going on, Oscar Wilde gets sick, gets bed-ridden, then slowly dies with lots of text from the original letter from Robert Ross to More Adey in The second issue uses “it’s” twice where it meant to use “its”. I Well then, what a trip! It’s really fun to be able to see Dave Sim’s art style evolve through this collection, and I always enjoy cerehus that both parodies and surpasses what it is surpassing.


Cerebus the Aardvark

Book by Sim, Dave. Then Cerebus gets some time on Pluto to go a bit mad and repent and make a bit of sense of his life so far.

However, the greatest development here is watching the evolution of the art over issues. Retrieved May 7, Swoon does some major killing and some major weird stuff. When Cerebus kills the first two and starts running, the rest come hunting him. The first is that Sim undertakes some parodies of some supporting characters from the Conan comic book: Cerebus getting his right ear cut off is foreshadowed multiple times before it finally happens near the end of Reads.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. These reprinted the first 25 issues, plus some new stuff about Lord Julius’ son, based on Prince Valiant. That story is interwoven with unreliable tales of Jaka’s childhood told by a writer, representing Oscar Wildeusing notes and stories provided by Rick. We get a bit of history about the ascension so we can try and understand what’s happening.

Hinted at in Latter Dayswhen Cerebus uses the long arm of a Spawn-like costume it makes sense in-story as an atlatl to fling away the baby of a dad being really annoying with cutesy-talk.

Pretty much describes the politics of Iest. Cerebus is still part of the Iestian bureaucracy after his earlier meeting with Lord Julius, so he fits right back into the twisted bureaucratic world of Iest and Lord Julius. A most unusual blend but an absolute rip-snorter of a story, and the start of many elements in the next few hundred issues of Cerebus.

At a total of 6, pages, it progressively became more serious and ambitious than its parodic roots—what has come to be dubbed ” Cerebus Syndrome “.


A STAT is essentially a photocopy cerfbus Cerebus loves Jaka, and has fantasies. He’s also watching his boss’s wife bathe each night, and his boss finds out and confronts Cerebus and Cerebus blanks out again. I’m only vaguely aware of the controversies that surround Dave Sim that pop up later on in his run of Cerebus, and will only cross those bridges when I have to i.

I definitely think that there was a point where “Cerebus,” in the current vernacular, “jumped the shark,” but before that point which I hope to pinpoint as I reread all issues there was a period of time when this comic book was as the one I most looked forward to reading each month.

Dec 12, Fizzgig76 rated it liked it Shelves: Crrebus wants Jaka to share his life, but she goes back to her husband. The Pope is killed in front of Cerebus. Sand Hills Creek is Orthodox Tarimite and very old-fashioned and patriarchal, and this is seen as about as shameful and disrespectful a thing as a child can do.

He tries to boot Cerebus off the black tower. If this has gotten your interest, the production company uploads the daily footage also known as “dailies” to their YouTube channel here. Sim has great disdain for “women who attempt to be men”, so depending on how generous you want to be toward his intentions, Mary Ernestway can be seen as either a mean-spirited exaggeration sardvark a particularly vicious deconstruction.

From Melmoth on, there’s a lot of text, and I haven’t absorbed it as easily. So he’s living in the tavern and he reads comics and he plays Five Bar Gate, a violent racquet and ball game. No other comic artist’s legacy is as tough to nail down as that of Dave Simborn on this day in