Completely scanned Champions of Krynn set for Commodore 64 – including package and manual!. Champions of Krynn – Manual. INTRODUCTION: CHAMPIONS OF KRYNN begins after the war of the lance. The evil armies have been shattered and most of. Champions of Krynn The first game in the trilogy is Champinos of Krynn. You can find the answers to them in the Journal, which is also the manual to the.

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A sister site to Lemon Made in Sweden by Kim Lemon Go to Advanced Search. The evil armies have been shattered and most of the forces of good have returned to their homelands, leaving only outposts to safeguard the recovered lands.

Your goal is to assemble a party of adventures to save in these border outposts. The newly created party appears at an outpost south of the former hobgoblin capital of Throtl with orders to scour the area for any sign of lingering evil.

After outfitting your characters with weapons and armor, the party is ready to begin adventuring. To begin playing the game you must load a saved game or generate characters and band them together into a party.

This first menu gives you the intial options: This command displays the following menus to define the character.

Champions of Krynn: Box and Manual Scans

Detailed information about characters,races,classes and son is available in the Journal. Gender affects the character’s maximum strength.

Each deity will confer special powers to clerics. The god chosen will be available to a cleric. After setting up your party and reading the background info in the adventure’s journal, it is time to head for adventure, fame and glory.

During your adventuring the party will engage in fierce battles, find treasure and sometimes have to stop to recuperate and memorize spells for future use.

Manual to Champions of Krynn | Free Game Empire – Old DOS Games for play or download

Champions of Krynn uses four different points of view: This view appears at the top, left of your krybn and shows the surrounding area from the party’s perspective. Rotate the party’s facing and move ising the directional controls. Their direction controls for your computer are described on the data card.


Area provides an overhead view of the party’s surroundings, replacing the 3-d view. Choose the area command from the adventure menu to see the position of major obstructions such as walls, trees, and water.

A cursor shows the party’s position. The krynb view can only be accessed while in 3-D view, on others the view is only there to help you get your bearings.

Download Champions of Krynn

Overland displays a manuaal of the area of the world Krynn where this game takes place. This view appears while the party is moving outside of the outpost or towns. A cursor shows the party’s current locations. To move on the overland map, move the cursor with the directional controls along the path the party is to follow. A map in the journal shows the same map with the major locations named. Chwmpions toggles between the area and the 3-D view. If the party is lost or unfamiliar territory is found this command will not work.

CAST displays the cast menu so the active character can throw a magic spell. See the section of magic in the hournal for a descriptions on how some spells work. VIEW displays the character screen and the view menu.

A party moving with search off is moving at a normal rate and takes 1 minute per move. With it on the party takes 10 mins this would be helpfull when searching for doors, and traps, treasure and other things one might encounter in a dungeon. LOOK is used to search an individual square. Executing a look command acts if the party moved into the current square with search on.

Remember before casting spells you have to rest and memorize them first! To get magic menu options, the active character must be able to cast spells. Spell casters can get a list of their memorized spells from the CAST option of the magic menu. They can get a list of their spells on scrolls from the scribe option of the magic championns.

Champions of Krynn

CAST displays the cast menu and the characters list of memorized spells. Select the spell to manuql and then indicate the target of the spell. Once a spell is cast it is gone from memory and must be memorized again in order to use it. Some spells only have effect when in combat and others may only be cast while encamped. MEMORIZE displays the Memorize menu, character’s grimoire of spells or clerical spell list, and how manjal spells can be memorized from the level of the spell castor.


When you want to memorize them, hit REST and you will actually take time to memorize them. SCRIBE lists all the spells on the scroll, the spells must be identified in a shop or in a mages hut. Scribing a spell takes about the same to memorize one. REST again if hit will continue this process taking time out of the game to do your command. Civilazation provides many valuable services for the adventurer.

Manaul only outposts will have inns, armouries, halls, temples and Bars, but some may be found in towns and elsewhere. When you are in an outpost a menu like the following may appear, allowing you to select where you want to go: There is a description of these places kynn this menu.

LEAVE will take the party out of the outpost, into the overland map. INNS provide a safe place to rest using the Encamp menu. While the characters rest they can memorize spells and regain hit points. The armoury charges steel championw for service. TAKE is used to pick up coins from the party’s money pool.

Indicate the type and amount of coins, gems, or jewelry to take. SO this inables to you peddle off your booty. Halls are also where knight characters may petition for admission into a higher order. Temples can cast healing spells an perform other clerical services. Fighting is explained in the combat section.

WAIT allows the monsters to decide what to do. They amy attack, wait, flee or advance. FLEE causes the party to run away, manusl the monsters try to attack and are faster then the part, combat will occur. Select the active character and then choose a conversation tactic from the parlay menu.