Fantasy author Cinda Williams Chima. Book cover of “The Demon King” Cover art by The Demon King is the first of four books in The Seven Realms Series. Return to The Demon King. Honors and Awards. A VOYA Perfect Ten; VOYA’s Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Booklist ; Starred review, Bulletin of. Title: The Demon King. Author: Cinda Williams Chima. Genre: (Epic) Fantasy, Young Adult. Publisher: Hyperion Children’s (Disney) Publication.

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Feb 13, But I was still completely wrapped up in the characters’ adventures and how everything came together in the end!

He marries Raisa at the end of the series. Your books have changed my life!

THE DEMON KING by Cinda Williams Chima | Kirkus Reviews

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Who am I supposed to care about?

SO sad that I have to wait for the last book!! I kept on hoping it’d get better.

The Seven Realms

Well, no, she seems more a love interest not essential to plot, and who can identify with a spoiled princess who doesn’t want to be a princess anyway?

I do understand why people would’ve enjoyed it, I think it had lots of potential, but again the execution was lacking in all areas. But don’t worry its not all epic political manuevers, personal vendattas, and powerful magic hidden within amulets. I do bitch about it actually, as is quite apparent in my review of The Omen Machine.

The Demon King

The subplots merge and diverge; they tell separate stories of Willixms and Raisa and the hardships ,ing face, and occasionally combine in the chance occasions when their paths meet. It is my opinion that a Young Adult novel should be something that not only children but adults should enjoy as well. One of the strengths of this book and it’s world building IMHO is that the story doesn’t shy away from discussing actual politics that go well beyond “courtly intrigue” crap.


I was supposed to enjoy it. People who claim to love this country should invest more time in the study of its history. At first, I was enjoying the female MCs chapters, but then I quickly lost interest.

This is the chlma of the saga about Hanson Alister a. I’m looking forward to it! Thanks for telling us about the problem. For example, there is, in this story, the inclusion of street gangs, and thiefs, and temples, and lively and diverse and vibrant cities full of trade and corruption and poverty and splendor and legends, all juxtaposed to forge a unique identity that cement the magnificent world building at work here.

With a magical piece that powerful at stake, Han knows that the Bayars will stop at nothing to get it back. They nearly shared a romantic relationship, but that quickly ended when Raisa learned of the Bonding, demoj they remained best friends throughout the series.

I was totally expecting to really enjoy it. He’s a young nobleman chafing under his father’s strictures and wanting very desperately to prove that he’s worthy of william his father’s son by stealing magical artifacts to prove he knows how to use them.

It manages to pack a ton of coherent believable detail about the world while remaining clear and well-paced and not getting bogged down in lengthy exposition paragraphs. So, anyway, here comes my husband’s family vacation and I know I will likely have time to basque in the glory that is no drowsiness from work. Even the supposed protagonist fades almost completely into the background because he has no personality at all except for his stereotype.

I want some crazy shit to go down and everyone just DIE.

Obviously, I’m an unpopular opinion here since this has a 4. Refresh and try again. Buddy read this with the gorgeous Wren!

Cinda Williams Chima (Author of The Demon King)

Thanks so much for accepting my friendship request here on Goodreads! Let me count the ways. One of my favorite parts of the story was the wonderful world building that happens. And make NO mistake Re-read I’m bumping this one up a star! The demonn character is likeable and sometimes charming but he’s not written as a “boyfriend type”, and doesn’t get very romantic in his thoughts at all; mainly in this book he is concerned with survival, his family, and his friends.


I’m thinking that, perhaps, the reason I enjoyed this so much more the second time around was because I knew where everything was headed. The worldbuilding really took the time to establish the history of cnda queendom’s bloodline, the wizards, and the clans, so the whole series is set up really well now.

No plans to write more now, but one never knows. I enjoyed her snark and ingenuity. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them dekon our Pro Connect email alert.

She frequently speaks to young writers and readers at schools and libraries nationwide. You’ve gotten to know that the orphaned Matthias does not fit in amongst the others at chimw abbey.

Let’s exchange ideas of good reads, nice ideas, and our favorite characters! I’ve heard from many fans that this first book is difficult to get through, but I am concerned that the parts most people found difficult are the only parts I seemed to care about aka the political situation. It was just random events being told. Her Shattered Realms chika comprises Flamecaster Shadowcaster Stormcaster and Deathcaster scheduled for March 5, These corpses are not shown or described. The novelty in the story was that both the protagonists had different lives and almost nothing was common between them.