DiCarlo puts a lot of focus on getting physical as quickly as possible by using what he calls the ‘sexual kino escalation ladder’. The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder is. Download Kino Escalation Ladder 2nd Edition – Vin DiCarlo. In case anyone needs info on kino, I find Dicarlo’s ladder to be the best. Adapt them to the the Japanese society. Its a step by step guide to.

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Move hand all the way down and reach vagina. Place finger under her chin and pull mouth towards.


Reblogged this on My Blog. Instead of asking her to pass it, or trying your darn best to finesse it in escalatiln to not touch while you reach across her, purposely make physical contact with her!

Walk up to a stranger and try to touch their face – they will flinch; this is why. Not long ago I helped a girl stand up from a deep chair by taking her hand. But please, if you do, learn to go KINO. Whenever a girl rejects your attempts to get physical with her, times, it comes down to mis-calibration bad timing and a failure to read her body language correctly. I slept with way more women from One-Night Stand pulls to girls whom I knew prior but was afraid to escalate on.

The pick up artist ‘s encyclopedia. But it also depends on the type of girl she is. How the Hip Hop stars act in music videos. As she laughed, I got up, dug into my back pocket and took out a piece of napkin and wiped her face with it in an exaggerated manner as if she was really crying.


Does anyone else consider Class 1 Holding hands, arm in arm escorting To be a higher level of kino than Class 2 Legs touching while standing and sitting Holding hands while you walk down the street just seems more romantic and personal than leg rubbing. It may sound like an invasion of personal space, but remember good kino is all about being comfortable physically interacting with people.

Move Fast by Chase Amante. Too many times a guy will stop fingering her, and then try to take off her pants, only to get more resistance. Ideally you should already be in a suitable position for kissing before you try. This pattern of incidental followed by overt is almost like a Jedi mind trick. Haha, sounds good, another one I heard was good is to brush her face from the top corner of her face to behind her ear, then while still touching, fingers slide to her chin then kiss.

Photo courtesy of http: It doesn’t help that the abdomen is a huge part of the human body.

ø DiCarlo Escalation Ladder ø PUA Vin DiCarlo Woodhaven Pick Up Artist

Vin DiCarlo is most well known for the DiCarlo Escalation Laddera step-by-step kino escalation ladder that breaks down the process of kino from the first touch, all the way to sex. Abdomen and legs aren’t as common places ladddr be touched.

Place head on shoulder, smell neck, stroke face, run fingers through hair, hold side of neck. Then proceed to finger her from behind.

You can ask to look at her painted nails. It just so happened that this girl never threw any resistance my way. If in a bar or club, telling a funny joke or teasingly poking her in the stomach as a rapport break, then hugging so you get contact as a form of rebuilding comfort and sexually escalating at the same time, which of course is a rapport break in its own right, which is resolved by building more comfort by separating and taking a step back.


It is more like the “palm reading” or “let’s see who has longer fingers”. Done in an incidental manner, ie. The fine line of balance between the conscious realization of your escalation intentions and unconscious acceptance of the woman to your sexual advances.

The “brush abdomen while talking” point is one I’ve had trouble with – could you give an escalaton of how to do this? Pressing your legs against her legs definitely has a more intimate feeling since it requires your bodies to be closer together. Your thoughts are good, but you’re misunderstanding the concept.

Make sense to me. Vin DiCarlo Quotes There is no absolute and objective value. The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder is a step-by step formula, followed by a number of laws which govern it’s use dicarl maximum effect.

Use the incidental kino in a very non-invasive, very much under the radar manner, and her subconscious will automatically accept the subsequent overt kino. I’m guessing once they reached the point where clothes should come off, dicarpo wasn’t an option.