Como antiarrítmico: • Dosis inicial de carga: 1,25 mg/kg i.v en infusión intermitente, cada 5 min. hasta un total de 15mg/kg. • Mantenimiento. calculo de dosis factor goteo regla de tres. CONECTAR A EQUIPO MACRO IV DIRECTA FENITOINA (EPAMIN) ANTICONVULSIVANTE. DIFENILHIDANTOINA (Fenitoina) Mecanismo de Acción: . en el hígado y el 35 % de una dosis oral aparece en la orina, vida media 4 h.

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Ataxia cerebelosa persistente despues de la administracion toxica de difenilhidantoina.

Difenilhidantoína (D.F.H.) by itz ruiz on Prezi

Persistent cerebellar ataxia due to acute diphenylhydantoin intoxication. Posteriormente a la suspension de la DFH y la exeresis del quiste temporal mejoro su cuadro convulsivo, aunque quedo con ataxia de miembros inferiores y asinergia de tronco, cuadro con el que fue dado de alta.


Diphenylhydantoin DFH is known to yield cerebellar ataxia in chronically treated epileptic patient due to cerebellar atrophy with loss of Purkinje cells. Little attention has been paid in the literature to the acute DFH intoxication bearing cerebellar symptoms. Due to the refractory characteristics of his seizures he was put on DFH mg daily, and developed a pancerebellar syndrome.

After surgical removal of the cyst his seizures entirely faded away and his cerebellar signs improved. Nevertheless his neurological examination still showed trunkal and lower limbs ataxia.

After one year of follow up his neurological picture did not change, while he was seizures free. TC and MRI did not show cerebellar atrophy.

Full text available only in PDF format. Number of Purkinje cells in patients with grand mal epilepsy treated with diphenylhydantoin. Number of Purkinje’s cells after diphenylhydantoin intoxication in pigs. Arch Neurol Cerebellar degeneration with clinical manifestation in chronic epileptic patients. Psychiatr Clin Long term anticonvulsant therapy and cerebellar atrophy.


dosis impregnacion difenilhidantoina pdf writer

J Ir Med Assoc Cerebellar atrophy and persistent cerebellar ataxia difenilhidantoinna acute intoxication of phenytoin. No To Shinkei Neurological sequelae following Dilantin overdose in a patient and in experimental animals. Cerebellar degeneration with epilepsy.

Med J Aust1: Cerebellar degeneration following long-term phenytoin teraphy. Porter RJ, Theodore W.

Saunders,Vol 4, No 3, p. Selhorst JB, Kaukman B. Diphenylhydantoin induced cerebellar degeneration. Parenchymatous cerebellar degeneration complicating diphenylhydantoin Dilontin therapy. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Services on Demand Journal. How to cite this article.