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DoD M, “DoD Postal Manual,” Volume II, May , is hereby canceled. This Manual applies to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the Mili-. Study Flashcards On DOD M POST OFFICE OPERATING PROCEDURES at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Study Flashcards On DOD M CHAPTER 15 at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the .

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Postal services platoons must have securable organic transportation to safeguard and transport undispatched mail and associated items such as stamps, money orders, accountable mail, and packages. Figure depicts the functions and tasks of postal operations. They must also be able to carry percent of the personnel, authorized organizational equipment, common table of allowances CTA equipment, and USPS equipment to provide support in forward areas.

Unit mail clerks do not require cod F5 additional skill identifier, but they are required to carry a mail handler’s card and should be a 71L.

FM Personnel Doctrine – Chptr 6 Postal Operations Management

All operations and services platoons provide redirect services. Free mail must originate from a free mail area designated by the President or Secretary of Defense or from any Armed Forces medical facility. Units can coordinate with the services postal platoon leader to provide limited mobile postal finance services to units or teams not located near the postal platoon.

Figure depicts casualty mail flow. It establishes and maintains the theater mail routing scheme, establishes or designates a casualty mail and theater directory postal unit, and directs subordinate postal operations platoons.



This module must support unit relocation, unit reassignment from one command to anotherand individual reassignment from one unit to another. Theater PERSCOM will assess the needs for international mail exchange within the theater of operation and identify the postal operations platoon to conduct that mission. Official mail is that addressed 425.6-m military or other governmental organizations.

This chapter describes the mission and proponency of the postal operations management system, its postal network, doctrinal requirements, and standards of support.

They arrange onward movement of all mail pallets and containers pre-sorted by postal service platoon APO numbers and location. Operations and services postal units should deploy from the sustaining base to support contingency force projection operations without Reserve Component mobilization.

It frees the U. The postal services platoon is the MDP for dood units located at or near the same location as the postal service platoon.

Postal service has played a vital role in morale support and national will efforts since the Civil War, and it is an important combat multiplier. Suspicious mail may include conventional explosives or contraband.

The theater PERSCOM will ensure that there is an in-theater capability for postal operations platoons to hold, readdress, and redirect undelivered mail for all casualty categories. This system will enable postal managers to align the location of units according to their servicing postal services platoon.

The flow of ordinary and accountable mail in the theater starts with transportation units transporting unit mail from a theater seaport or airport to a military mail terminal MMT.

Postal operations platoons sort mail according to the mail routing scheme and location of postal services platoons and coordinate onward shipment to the postal services platoons. It is still treated as personal mail. Contamination may consist of nuclear, biological, or chemical agents. If decontamination is not possible, they destroy the mail under appropriate postal supervision. These services include money order and stamp sales, accountable mail services, and package mailing.

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Postal units must coordinate with the local EOD unit for bomb support. The same transportation used to deliver mail to MDPs transports retrograde mail in reverse through the postal network.

Fort Belvoir – Directorate of Human Resources

Host nation support can be a critical element of the postal support structure. Postal services platoons require daily communication concerning task organization changes, mail delivery point location changes, mail routing scheme changes, casualty mail redirect, postal activity update, and USPS postal bulletins. When the postal services unit knows the hospital, it labels the mail “patient” and forwards it to the rod through the postal network. Postal unit commanders must indoctrinate soldiers supervising host nation personnel in the customs, language, religion, and 4525.-m conditions in the area of operations.

Postal operations management will often be required to coordinate within the joint operations community.

They must possess strong character and good judgement and must be above reproach. The G1 develops and coordinates postal operations plans for all assigned and attached units within the division by performing the following critical tasks:. This interface will enable the personnel system 4552.6-m determine patient location and status within the corps medical system.