Deliver Us from Evil has 4 ratings and 1 review. Daniel said: Into a world that is so real; that others will not talk about. Don Basham maybe gone into t. Deliver Us From Evil has 3 ratings and 1 review. Craig said: Don Basham entered ministry in Early in his ministry, he hadn’t given much considerati. Are Christians at risk of demonic invasion?Absolutely not, thought Pastor Don Basham when another pastor suggested evil influences might be causing turmoil .

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This section is a narrative to detail the way in which the author was first exposed to demonic activity, was hesitant to believe, but eventually came to accept their reality, and in turn was pushed into the ministry of deliverance, gradually learning and adapting to this new field.

With this foundation set, the second half of the book is aimed at passing on the insights which the author has gained over the years. Once the biographical element has been dealt with, the author gets into what is — at least for me — the meat of the book.

Beginning with Chapter 10, Basham begins to detail the ways in which individuals come to be afflicted by demons and some of the attributes of demons and their activity.

With this done Basham then begins to address the nuts and bolts of deliverance, such as what conditions must be met in order to achieve deliverance and what must be done in order to keep that deliverance. As it dkn, while the actual act of deliverance is covered off and on throughout the text, the more evll treatments of it are confined to perhaps a single chapter once they are distilled.


Deliver Us from Evil, Repackaged Edition | Baker Publishing Group

Despite not coming from a charismatic background, I do find the basis set forth by Basham to be intriguing, and for the most part to not require a particular devotion to the charismatic movement. I will say that the book seems slightly over-dramatized at times, though I think that the author deals a fairly even hand to the topic, noting that not every affliction or trouble dsliver faces somebody has its root in demonic activity rather, there are two roots, with the other being the innate evil within people, ie, the flesh.

It seems to be of practical value, and is an interesting read. Each subtraction must be followed immediately by an addition.

Deliver Us from Evil: A Pastor’s Reluctant Encounters with the Powers of Darkness

I do have a handful of criticisms of this book, none of which are a critique of the basic thesis of the book or the charismatic movement. Basjam my greatest criticism is a philosophic criticism.

There are certain ways in which it might be said that God is working things in your life for dno and that He is drawing your to him, one of the chief ways that He does so is through the Law, which denotes you as worthy of condemnation. God will not impose His will upon our wills, rather, he will change our wills to match his.

The final criticism I have of this book deals with the way the author presents his own story. For instance, he presents himself as somebody who was involved in the healing ministry, but initially thought of demons as nonsense even though he and his wife had previously been involved in seances and the occult for a short period. This just seems odd. As Basham laid it out, he was facing a large amount of turmoil at his old job and he had left after just barely diverting a crisis delivdr would have split the church.


He then claims that he had been bawham to that job out of fear regarding the uncertainty of life in his new ministry; yet really, as Basham sets it up, it seems equally likely that he left his old job out of fear or dislike of said job. Quite simply, there seem to be many influences which Basham sweeps under the rug in his narrative which make me doubt his sincerity at some points as does the way in which many of his stories seem to be sensationalized.

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