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Introduction to the uses of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic switches. Understanding the fundamental of electronics from the knowledge of switch.

Datasheet archive on 26-1-2009

My journey of searching the real meaning of electronics. If you are looking for basic and simple understanding of electronics.

Practically build up your fundamental in electronics. Daatasheet, old telephone exchange in New York City, during the year Long long time ago, circuit connection is achieved using muscular means. The telephone network is one of a major communication system in the early days. To Call your buddy next block, the first step you have to do is to pick up the phone.

DSS41A24B Coto Technology, DSS41A24B Datasheet

A human operator datashedt attend to your pick up. Speak to her about the intention to talk to your buddy. The operator will manually plunk in wire connector linking your home telephone to datasheeet buddy phone.

And Yes, you can now talk to your friend because there are operator doing the switching at the end of your telephone line. Sounds a lot of manual work. Yes, this is the good old days.

The telephone operators in the central telephone exchange house, are making the circuit connection manually. This is what this page is all about. All about making a good short circuit. Not all short circuit is bad. In fact they are the fundamental building blocks in digital electronics. In the articles that follows, it will be about the various type of electronics components that can help you in the creation of the perfect short circuits. The following connector guide present the typical name for various connectors.

Click the image for the enlarge view. Various product that uses switches. I can’t find any history on the evolution of the mechanical switches. I guess people might have become smarter. Rather than using a jumper wire to make connection manually, human invented switch to make short circuiting task more efficient. Tedious and time consuming work.

Plucking the wires in and out takes a lot more effort, compare to toggling switches. Of course mechanical switches are not suitable for telephone exchange application for the millions of household. However understand the roles of switches in electronics, will definitely increase our awareness for a more complex electronic system.

Switches in the form vss41a05 mechanical, digital circuit, power electronics are commonly use in the electronics design. Catasheet people refer it as the power handling capacity, which is the voltage and the current. The voltage it can handle across the switch terminals without destroying itself. Sometimes refer to as the breakdown voltage.


DSS41A05 Datasheet

The maximum amount of current that can flow through, without destroying itself. Sometimes refer to as the load current the switch can support. In fact, the whole idea of this “switch” thingy is about understanding the rating and capabilities of the various type of electronics components. I mean it applies to all the electronics devices, including even wires. To me, this is also the most important concept towards understanding of all other electronics.

It is so important. Fortunately it is also easy to understand, if you pay enough attention in this topic. Not just switch have rating. Wire also have it’s rating, since we know that switch is in fact another form of wire, or to be precise we call it a conductor. Like the size of a water pipe, there is a limit on the water flow rate. If the pipe diameter size is small, flow rate will be small too. Larger diameter pipe more water can flow. This is what they mean by the term “current rating”.

Larger wire size can carry more current. Small wire may also carry the same current at the expense of increase temperature. When it gets too hot, the wire will just burn off, just like what a fuse do. For further information on choosing your wire for carrying power, click here. If there is an important message that I want you to bring back after reading this whole article, it will be the following four words. Shifting our attention back to mechanical switch.

DSS41A05 NTE Equivalent NTE RD Relay SPST 6V – Wholesale Electronics

There are various kind of terms for mechanical switch. Switches can be “momentary” meaning the the switch will spring back to the original position when there is dsss41a05 external push datasheft, or “latched” meaning that the switch will stay at it’s new toggled position when when external push forces is applied. Switch description such as “double poles double throws” or 2P2T provide more information on how the switches are operated.

This is often refer to as ganged switches. If you are still not clear what I mean, refer to the pictures on the left side. Picture indeed tells a thousand words. Another term used is shorting or non-shorting switch. Non-shorting switch means that the switch will break the contact with the current “throw” position before making contact to the next “throw” position.

This type of switch is more commonly in use. Shorting switch means that the switch will break the contact datasjeet the current “throw” position after making contact to the next “throw” position.

This means that during the switching, two of the “throw” position will be shorted for a very short period. It is used where the connection needs to be connected always and not left floating at any one time. Happen to found out that these are used in switching loads such as loudspeakers, where the source cannot be safely operated without a load. Form A is defined as a normally open switch, while Form B is a normally close.


Form X is similar to form A except that it has a double break contact. Form X, Y, Z are double break switches. Form Y is a normally close 1P1T double break switch. Form AA is a 2P1T normally open switch. The main point to note when choosing a switch, is on the mechanics design, and the feel of the button.

This is non-technical, and is more about user’s experience. Technically all switch has their maximum rating for handling current.

Like a wire, if you choose a thin and fine wire, the wire will get burn or melted when large current flow through it. This is also the principle of how electrical fuse das41a05.

You can choose a higher rating switch which can match most type of condition, however they are usually big and bulky. This is the trade-off on choosing an appropriate switches.

There are many more styles of switch, and you may like to refer to the following website for more references. There are various mechanical switches around us. They are acting as a system interface, which convert mechanical motion into electrical signal. For example, the keyboard which you are typing, the power switch that turns on your TV, the keypad you pressed on your telephone or mobile phone, the lever switch that turns on your rice cooker, microwave oven They are interface with switches for us to control.

The circuit on the left illustrate a simple switch interface. This interface provides a output voltage to indicate the status of the switch. If the switch is press, the output will be a 0V. While it is release, output will be a 5V.

This can be a input interface to a digital circuit, for logic ‘1’ or ‘0’. A useful and basic circuit interface. Mechanical switch is analog in nature. When a mechanical switch is pressed, two metal plate is in contact with one another. The force is small but is large enough to cause the contact plate to bounce away.

This is like a pencil dropping onto a floor, we can see the pencil hitting the floor and bounced up. The pencil will settle on the floor after a number of bounce. This bouncing results in intermediate contract between the metal, and can be catches very quickly by the electronics. This also results in what is known as the switch glitches. This is not too critical for some electronics, but for others, it may result in undesirable results. Designing a mechanical switch which is glitchless can be difficult.