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Groundsheet Small fitness equipment Small toning equipment. Fitness equipment Treadmills Cross trainers Exercise bikes and indoor cycles Steps and steppers Skipping ropes Trampolines.

Women’s wear Menswear Sweat clothing Underwear. Fitness shoes Babies’ footwear Fitness sports bags Accessories towels, water bottles, etc. Ballet Ballet clothing Ballet shoes, demi-pointe ballet shoes Accessories, protective dance equipment.

Modern dance clothing Modern dance shoes.

Exercise video, glutes, saddlebags: Elastiband – Domyos : Elastiband – Domyos E-Coach

Artistic and rhythmic gymnastics Artistic and rhythmic gymnastics clothing Artistic and rhythmic gymnastics equipment ribbons, hoops, etc. Gymnastics shoes, demi-pointe gymnastics shoes.

Children’s clothing Children’s tracksuits Baby clothing Baby footwear Children’s games. Boxing Punching bags and accessories Gloves, bands Clothing, shoes Sports bags. Judo Karate Tae Kwon Do.


Plastrons, helmets Lower leg protection Helmets Mouth guards. Learn how to use Elastiband.

Exercise 2: Biceps with the Elastiband

Exercise 6 back muscles The Elastiband is an elastic band that comes in three models with different levels of resistance. It includes several handles exxercises enable you to select the resistance you want for the exercise you’re doing. In other words, the shorter the distance between the handles, the higher the level of resistance.

In this exercise, you’ll be working on your trapezius muscles using the Elastiband. Hold it in your hands. Fold your arms and place them behind you head, as if you were holding a dumbbell. Progressively, your trapezius muscles will grow.

All free exercises to better use your Elastiband free.