Read Electrical Machines and Instruments book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on by (Author), ( Author). Measuring InstrumentsPrinciple of Permanent Magnet Moving Coil (PMMC), Moving Iron Instruments, Ammeters & Voltmeters, Operating Principles of the. : Electrical Machines and Instruments () by U.A. Bakshi; and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible.

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Where can I get a link for the electrical machines book by U.A. Bakshi? – Quora

What makes Biblio different? Sign In Register Help Cart. Authors starting with U from Sanctum Books Results 1 of Sanctum Books authors starting with U x Bookseller: Sanctum Books x Edit search New search Add to want list. A Comprehensive Approach U. Sanctum BooksIndia Seller rating: Synchronous Generator Constructional details – Types of rotors – Winding factors – emf equation – Synchronous reactance – Armature reaction – Ihstruments diagrams of non salient pole synchronus generator connected to infinte bus – Synchronizing and parallel operation – Synchronizing torque – Change of excitation and mechanical input – Voltage regulation – A.v.bakahi, MMF, ZPF and A.

A methods – Steady state power – Angle characteristics – Two reaction theory – Slip test – Short circuit transients – Capability curves. Synchronous Electricwl Principle of operation – Torque equation – Operation on infinite bus bars – V and inverted V – curves – Power input and power developed equations – Starting methods – Current loci for constant power input, Constant excitation and constant power developed – Hunting – Natural frequency of oscillations – Damper windings – Synchronous condenser.

Semiconductor Diodes Review of intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors – Theory of PN junction diode – Energy band structure – Current equation – Space charge and diffusion capacitances – Effect of temperature and breakdown mechanism – Zener diode and its characteristics.


Systems and their Representation Basic elements in control systems – Open and closed loop systems – Electrical analogy of mechanical and thermal systems – Transfer function – Synchros – AC and DC servomotors – Block diagram reduction techniques – Signal flow graphs.

Frequency Response Frequency response – Bode plot – Polar plot – Determination of closed u.a.abkshi response from open loop response – Correlation between frequency domain and time domain specifications – Effect of lag, Lead and lag-lead compensation on frequency response analysis.

Interpretation of Data Sheets and Characteristics of an Op-amp Interpreting datasheet, Ideal op-amp, Equivalent circuit of an op-amp, Ideal voltage transfer electriczl, Open-loop op-amp configurations. An Op-amp with Negative Feedback Voltage-series feedback amplifier, Voltage-shunt feedback amplifier, Differential amplifier.

Realisation of monolithic ICs and packaging. Fabrication of diodes, capacitance,resistance and Mmachines. Characteristics of Op-amp Ideal Op-amp characteristics. DC characteristics, AC characteristics, Offset voltage and current: Voltage series feedback and shunt feedback amplifiers, Differential amplifier; Frequency response of Op-amp; Basic applications of Op-amp-Summer, Differentiator and Integrator.

This book covers about D. Antenna and Wave Propagation U.

A detail description on Electromagnetic Radiation and Antenna Fundamentals: Review of electromagnetic theory: Vector potential, Solution of wave equation, Retarded case, Hertizian dipole.

Radiation pattern, Beam solid angle, Directivity, Gain, Input impedance, Polarization, Bandwidth, Reciprocity, Equivalence of radiation patterns, Equivalence of impedances, Effective aperture, Vector effective length, Antenna temperature. Wire Antennas and Antenna Arrays: Short dipole, Radiation resistance and directivity, Half wave dipole, Monopole, Small loop instrumens. Linear array and pattern multiplication, Two-element array, Uniform array, Polynomial representation, Array with non-uniform excitation-binomial array.

Magnetic current and its fields, Uniqueness theorem, Field equivalence principle, Duality principle, Method of images, Pattern properties, Slot antenna, Bakshi Single Phase Transformer: Efficiency voltage regulation O. Three phase transformer connections, 3-phase to 2-phase or 6-phase insttruments and their applications.

Volt-amp relations, Efficiency, Advantages and disadvantages, Applications. Concept of starting, Speed control, Losses and efficiency. Three Phase Induction Motor: Construction, Equivalent circuit, Torque equation and torque-slip characteristics, Speed control.

Philosophy of Measurement – Methods of measurement, Measurement system, Classification of instrument system, Characteristics of instruments and measurement system, Errors in measurement and its analysis, Standards.

Analog Measurement of Electrical Quantities – Electrodynamic, Thermocouple, Electrostatic and rectifier type ammeters and voltmeters, Electrodynamic wattmeter, Three phase wattmeter, Power in three phase system, Errors and remedies in wattmeter and energymeter.

Electrical Machines And Instruments

Instrument transformer and their applications in the extension of instrument range, Introduction to measurement of speed, frequency and power factor. Measurement of Parameters – Different methods of measuring low, medium and high resistances, Measurement of inductance and capacitance with the help of AC bridges, QMeter. Digital Measurement of Electrical Quantities – Concept of digital measurement, Block diagram study of digital voltmeter, Frequency meter power analyzer and harmonics an Circuit Analysis and Network Theorems.

Introduction to Earthing and Electrical Safety. Electrical Machines 2nd Revised Edition, by U. Circuit Analysis and Network Theorems: Concepts of network, Active and passive elements, Voltage and current sources, Concept of linearity and linear network, Unilateral and bilateral elements, R, L and C as linear elements, Source transformation.


Sinusoidal, Square and triangular waveforms – Average and effective values, Form and peak factors, C Patel Testing of DC Machine: Hopkinson test, Field test, Separation of losses, Brake test. Chapter – 1 Synchronous Machines: Transistor at High Frequencies Hybrid-pi CE transistor model Classification of amplifiers Classification of amplifiers Effect of feedback on amplifier bandwidth Basic operational amplifier Diode transistor logic Digital to analog conversion 1st edition, by Bakshi, Godse Transistor at High Frequencies Hybrid-pi CE transistor model, Hybrid-pi conductances, Hybrid-pi capacitances, Validity of hybrid-pi model, Variation of hybrid-pi parameters, CE short-circuit current gain, Current gain with resistive load, Single-stage CE transistor amplifier response, Gain-bandwidth product, Emitter follower at high frequencies.

Multistage Amplifiers Classification of amplifiers, Distortion in amplifiers, Frequency response of an amplifier, Bode plots, Step response of an amplifier, Bandpass of cascaded stages, RC coupled amplifier, Low frequency response of an RC coupled stage, Effect of an emitter bypass capacitor on low-frequency response, High-frequency response of Fundamentals of Measuring Instruments: Concepts of Electrical and Electronics Engineering U.

Electric current and circuits D. Protection of electric and electronic circuits 7. Basics of electronics Op-amp 1st edition, by Bakshi 1. Transport Phenomena in Semiconductors Mobility and conductivity, Electrons and holes in an intrinsic semiconductor, Donor and acceptor impurities, Charge densities in a semiconductor, Electrical properties of Ge and Si, The hall effect, Conductivity modulation, Generation and recombination of charges, Diffusion, The continuity equation, Inject Network Analysis and Synthesis: Introduction to network analysis Review of Laplace transforms Hurwitz polynomials, Positive real functions Properties of transfer functions Introduction to active network synthesis.

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