APPLICATION FOR MONTHLY PENSION. FORM D(EPS). EMPLOYEE’S PENSION SCHEME, (Read INSTRUCTIONS before filling in this Form). 1. EMPLOYEES’ PROVIDENT FUND ORGANIZATION. Pension Claim Form ( Aadhaar). (Form 10 D). (To be used only by Employees/members where complete. EPS is applicable to all members who joined EPF after

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You can withdraw the EPF once you leave the organization after filling Form But period of transfer is recorded.

How to Fill EPS Pension Form 10D to claim EPS Pension

Lifelong pension is available to the member. Upon his death, members of the family are entitled for the pension. The account number should have the Region Code two alphabetsOffice Code three alphabets code number maximum 7 digitsextension sub code, if any, maximum three characters and account number maximum 7 digits.

Reason of Leaving Service: If the reason for leaving service was on account of total and permanent disablement, as indicated by the establishment to the P. In all other cases the actual reason for leaving service may be given. The opted date cannot be prior to date of attaining 50 years age and 10s of leaving service.

Commutation is the option to receive a capital sum today instead of receiving a monthly pension for rest of your life. Suppose the original pension is Rs. On commutation, the pension payable will be Rs. Foem of capital on superannuation was the option to cash out the entire pension corpus i. As mentioned earlier Lifelong pension is available to the member.

The list of surviving family members of the Member, covering his spouse, all children should be furnished. The particulars of Guardian should be given in respect of each minor child, as of the date of application. In support of the age of children, age proof certificate firm from the school or Registrar of Birth-death or E. Record, or Municipal authorities should be enclosed. In the case of Guardian other than natural guardian, a Guardianship Certificate should be enclosed. Applicable only in case the member is not alive.

In support of the date of death, death Certificate should be enclosed. Hence Saving Bank Accounts should be opened only in the said Bank s.

On behalf of minor child, S. Whenever pension is opted from a place beyond the jurisdiction of the region in which the member was last employed, he should ascertain the name of the designated bank applicable in that Region and open a S. On sanction of Pension, intimation will be sent to the pensioner to contact the bank.


In case of death of the member before attaining 58 years without leaving any eligible family members to receive the pension, the nominee as appointed by the member through the From 2 Revised already sent to the P.

Office may apply, giving his particulars against this column. If pension is being drawn under E. The establishment should furnish the certificate and wage particulars duly attested by the authorized officer. Good day sir, I worked almost 18 years with a petrochemical plant in Mumbai, Took prematured VRS from the organisation in the year of I withdrew myPF after a month ahead.

I spent my remaining days In overseas. Would like to apply for a pension. Could you please help me out? The previous company has been closed down. All my documents are misplaced somehow. I hope you will get back to me soon sir. Warm RegardsSanjay Nair. My father was in an establishment from to He leave the job due to the establishment was closed. He has the penssion scheme cirtificate. He is now 58 years old. Who will attested his document and how??? This is excellent information. Thank you for taking time out to list the steps.

Appreciate your patience and good will. He had retired from private service in Which form needs to be filled? Is it 10 D only or is there any other form for widow pension? They had shifted from Hyderabad after her husband retired and lived in a different state. She has account in other nationalized bank.

Husband had retired some 11 years ago. Ex-employer would have already signed it and sent it to EPFO office when her husband first applied for pension in Should she send again to employer for widow pension?

Can the forms be sent through post or is it mandatory for her to go to EPFO office in person? She is a senior citizen and not in a position to travel. What do you want to do Amit?

Why are you not going the online way? When husband and wife both were in service and eligible for availing EPS, in case of demise of one of them, whether other spouse gets the EPS share of the deceased partner in addition to the EPS for self? I have taken PF transfer from one organisation to other and it is done successfully.

All balances in new passbook showing correctly except the EPS balance, which is showing zero. Can you tell me why it is showing zero?


If yes give me the detailed steps with links and form for both online and offline. EPS balance will be 0. I taken eairly retirement fr.

Company did not contribute pf for last three months july ,aug. Age how can I do to start the pensin. Which pension will I get Redu. You can opt for reduced pension between 50 years of age. As you have crossed 58 years you are not eligible for reduced pension.

I have EPS no.

Sir, I worked at Kolhapur, Maharashtra for 11 yrs upto year forj Now 10dd am 58 yrs and residing at West Bengal. That factory is closed down long back. But I got scheme certificate. Can my State bank of India savings account fform eligible for getting pension?

You can get your Pension in Kolkata. Sir, My pension application form 10D was rejected by pf office asking scheme certificate. My employers closed the mill. I am not able to get scheme certificate. How can I get the monthly pension. Did you leave some organization and submitted form 10C?

Scheme Certificate is also an authentic record of service. EPS Scheme Certificate is issued if the Member has not attained the age of 58 while leaving an establishment and.

How to Fill EPS Pension Form 10D to claim EPS Pension

He applies for this certificate if his service is less than nine years and six months 10 years or Withdraws from EPF after completing 10 years of contribution to EPF then he cannot withdraw money from EPS and would get Scheme Certificate. I am getting reduced pension since after completing 50 years of my age.

I joined new company and I have retired in Am I eligible to get new pension? If not then what I have to do to get the second pension? You can only get 1 pension from EPF. And your number of years in second job is less than 10 years you are not eligible for pension.

Member is the fkrm who contributes to EPF. In that case name of member and pensioner will be different.

I am going to retire on Sir, I have already retired on Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.