Eraserhead arose (more or less) from “GARDENBACK”, a story Lynch wanted to film in the first He describes his page script as “a kind of free-form poet”. I still maintain that David Lynch does not write, direct, or edit his films, he just has a device he attaches to his head which causes them to ooze. NOT the actual script. I found a transcript, but im more intersted in the descriptions BY THE ACTUAL DAVID LYNCH. Ive seen the film im just.

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Ive seen the film im just wondering how he managed to cram all that into twenty pages of script.

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I’ll proabbly say thanks again but ill say it now just in case. Series Red and Blue: Location Way down there. No, not that far. Where do you get that number from? The film is about a hour and a half, so I wouldn’t think the script eraseghead be scrfenplay 20 pages. Of course, it was written and directed by Lynch so he may have used a shorter than normal shooting script, I don’t know.


Actually, twenty pages would be more of a treatment than a real script. Since eraerhead was going to direct it he might not have thought it necessary to go into great detail. But sorry, I don’t know where to find it.

Eraserhead Movie Script

I would like to read it, though. ETA – I just looked into it and confirmed the script was only 20 pages. God King of the SimplyScriptsVerse. Location That’s me in the corner.

Twenty pages for 90 minutes. That’s why some of the shots seem to drag on for soooooooooo long. It’s erasdrhead biggest weakness of this film.

Eraserhead Script :: SimplyScripts Screenwriting Discussion Board

Lynch had some great ideas, sure, but in the end, he was a little too pleased with himself to make erasefhead much needed cuts. Hey, it’s my tiny, little IMDb! Actor trying to write If people like it, then any experienced film or TV PA or secretary can lay it out in professional manner and add all the technical terms necessary” — Ronald Wolfe “Writing Comedy” “We don’t make movies for critics, since they don’t pay to see them anyhow.

Thanks, Kevan, although it really didnt help. Tahnks to anyone who posted. Still havn;t found screen;lay, but I’m kind of over it now. It is December 31st,5: If you wish to join this discussion board, please send me a message.


Please do read the guidelines that govern behavior on the discussion board. It will make for a much more pleasant experience for everyone. Yes, I am running script reviews, again How do I get my film’s link and banner here?

All screenplays on the simplyscripts. This screenplaymay not be used or reproduced for any purpose including educational purposes without the expressed written permission egaserhead the author. Users Browsing Forum Googlebot and 0 Guests. November 11th, Green Stop reading this and look sscreenplay November 11th,1: Purple Arr, he’ll be dancin’ for hours Location Way down there.

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