fereydoun Moshiri,iranian poet فریدون مشیری. Persian Poetry, Poetry Quotes, Poems, Poetry, Poem. Fati R · Feelings (Quotes, Photos, Paintings and. I began my grad program last week, and was asked to translate a poem. I asked my mother for “The Alley” – Fereydoon Moshiri. On a moonlit. Fereydoon Moshiri was one of the prominent contemporary Persian poets who wrote poems in both modern and classic styles of the Persian poem. A selection.

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Help Support Easy Persian: Make a Small Donation. One of the remarkable characteristics of Fereidoun Moshiri was the fresh atmosphere he would create in his writings.

Fereydoon Moshiri :: Poems

And maybe, his works are far from the complexity of form and meaning that we find in Nima. But, his effort in creating smooth, sensible, and descriptive themes and scenario was so attractive and strong that no one could deny his strong presence in our modern literature.


I think the fresh essence of his works will remain unique for years to come. Here he, briefly and comparatively, brings forward three stages in fereycoon poem.

Life is blossoming of the buds. Branches turn into colorful chandeliers of blossoms.

Persian Samples 11

And each tree becomes a garden of flowers. Then, he fwreydoon a comparison between the newly opened blossoms with a newly born child, which introduces the second stage of his work.

His cheeks, that are more charming than the blossoms, are the shining chandeliers of the house. And his smile is a different spring, mosiri of songs, when he plays in his cradle.

At the final stage, he ends his work by raising a question. O the mild wind who are passing by! What happens to these blossoms of life, what happens to these blossoms of love, that changes them into grown-up thorns?

The dust of which galaxy takes them under the magic spell that changes these doves of friendship into grown-up wild wolves? Noor May 30, 8: Lucie August 24, 5: Persian Samples 10 Persian Mosshiri I am in love with this poem. I cannot thank you enough for sharing it here.