Start FlashDevelop and go in the program settings, Then in FlashDevelop go to Tools -> Flash Tools. Beginner’s Guide to FlashDevelop. Flash Professional CS5 had some welcome additions for those using it to write and edit their source code. In an effort to get some of my friends to join me I wrote up a AS3 guide for beginners in Flashdevelop, I found when I first started that while there.

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A little while ago when I first started getting interested in flash I looked around for an open source IDE and discovered Flashdevelop http: My day job is as flahdevelop Java Developer and it seemed like a good way to leverage my programming skills while at the same time working on something different enough to keep me from going crazy.

Getting Started

flashdeveop In an effort to get some of my friends to join me I wrote up a AS3 guide for beginners in Flashdevelop, I found when I first started that while there were a lot of really good sources out there for AS3 most of them assumed you would be working with Flash Professional.

If you have any problems opening the. The first source release for the game will be a little delayed, my computer was undergoing technical difficulties so I spend the week working on repairing it rather than cleaning up my source. It should tuide up next week. Until then enjoy the tutorial! Developing a Flash application using free software. Overview of Object Oriented Programming. This guide is being written in order to provide an easy entry point into programming Flash applications for people who are interested and have little to no programming experience.

If you have flashdevelo programming experience you can obviously skip the Basic Programming Concepts section. Many of the following sections provide short overviews of important concepts that can and should be expanded upon but should provide a loose idea of how things work and give a good starting point into programming.

This guide is not meant to stand alone but instead is intended to be supplemented by additional reasearch into programming concepts through other sources. Many people learn best through doing and find that conventional programming books provide an information overload, hopefully this guide will be interesting enough to pique your interest in programming in general and help you write some fun applications in Flash.

This guide assumes that you are using a fairly modern for computer and Windows. While you are welcome to set it up using Linux or Mac OSX, this guide will not cover installation under those environments. Flash is kind of a complicated thing, but the basic idea is that using animations, images, and programming code you can create a program that can be run online. It is used for a variety of reasons such as animation, interactive websites, and games.

The programming language that is flahsdevelop to build Flash Programs is called Actionscript, there are many ways to build Flash programs but for the purpose of this guide we will be just working in FlashDevelop. Flash programs are files that have the.

A Tutorial in AS3 with Flashdevelop | Precision Code

Flash was originally owned by Macromedia and was later sold to Adobe. For the purpose of this guide we are going to be doing all of our development using FlashDevelop. Installation in a Windows environment is very easy, simply go to http: For me this simply involved downloading the program and following the install which should offer to install the additional required components.

Name it Hello World, select the location of your choice, leave Package blank and if necessary you can have it create the directory for you and hit ok. Next look to your right where you can now see your project, there are flasdevelop folders: Next is lib which is short for library, these are normally extra code that you wish your code to access in order to provide more functionality.


Also not going to mess with this yet. Next go to the project menu and click on properties. Set Dimensions to Xthat should give us plenty of room. Below the other import lines add a new line and type: AS3 involves a lot of functionality and in order to speed it up it only provides the functionality you tell it to rather than everything possible.

Here in this guide we will briefly go over some integral programming concepts that all programmers will need to use as well as their syntax in AS3. This will just be a brief look at these concepts as whole books have been written on the subjects and a myriad of informational sources are available online or at your local library. A variable is basically huide name you give to an object that allows you to access it. For example in AS3 if you would like flashdevflop create a string object first you declare it which initializes it and allows it to be used.

Then you can either assign it a value directly or later. String — The type of variable we are creating. We could also first declare the variable and later give it a value as shown below. As you may have noticed every line of instruction we type ends in a semi colon, this lets the compiler know that we are finished with the line.

Variables can be called or assigned to other variables by using their names. An operator is a symbol that gives the code instruction. You are probably familar with many of them from math.

For example we will make a couple integer object integer objects can flsahdevelop contain whole numbers and assign them some values. Can you work out what the final values of the integers below are? Below are a few short forms that you can use to speed some things up. Because some operations are performed often programming has a way to speed them up.

The above examples are written out below in their full forms. If you assign a value to itself and add a number that will cause it to be incremented by that number, the same with subtraction.

Now run your program, the screen should guuide the same as normal but this time after closing it go to the view menu option and select Output Panel. The panel should come up as well as being added to the tabs on the bottom of the screen and you should see the trace output.

Now one of the big things about programming is the ability to automate things rather than simply code them every time. One great way to do this is through functions. First is the declaration. Private function createMessage x: Private controls who can access this function, the two guise common types are Private and Public, Private functions can only be accessed from the class that declared them, while public functions can be flawhdevelop from other classes.

Next we have the: Something new is the parameters which we are assigning to our variables, this will allow us to have our function do different things each time.

In this case create different messages at different coordinates. The full function code is below: Branching is a term used for when programming code needs to make a decision. Sometimes you want your program to have multiple options, to not do the same thing every time.

That would be horrible, we would be unable to read the message! Then we have two parenthesis that designate the statement. So in plain english: If xValue plus the width of the text in our greeting textbox are greater than the width of the stage, execute the following statement. Now there are a few other new things here. When you type a. In order to get our calculation right we needed to get the width of the text in pixels so we could check if it was outside the window.


We will explain more over properties and methods later. The next new item is the stage. What we are adding it to is the stage.

Now once we have our if statement together there are two ways that we can close it. The first is that if we only have one line that we want to execute we can simply add it on to the end of the statement as so.

Remember that we can have flasshdevelop single line across multiple lines as long as we leave the semi colon for the end. The second way to do it is to open up a curly bracket the same way as a function and add all of the statements you want to execute inside. An if statement is behind most of the decisions that you see in games.

Loops are another important tool in a programmers arsenol. They allow you to repeat a task either a set number of times or until a certain condition is met. For example if we want to know how many pixels away from the flashdevelip of the screen each message is we can print a second message below it that tells us, and we can count the distance using a loops.

A for loop is structured as follows: The keyword is for that indicates we are starting our loop, then in parenthesis are three statements, the first is what our variable that we will track is. Next seperated by a semi colon we have our test, here we say keep going as long as i flashevelop less then If you need to perform an action a set number of times a for loop is your friend.

They are structured as follows: Starting we have our keyword which is while, then we have our condition which is enclosed in parenthesis which is day! One common error is a statement such as the following: This statement rather then testing if the day is friday, assigns the day to friday, it should look like this: The next topic we need to cover is very important. If we wanted to write a full featured game we would need quite a few lines of code. The solution to this problem is to create a new code file and write code specific to one area in it, then call it from our main class.

Normally a class is structured as follows. Within the class we can declare variables that will be used throughout our whole flashvevelop or we can even declare them as public and allow them to be accessed from outside the class.

Next we need to look at the constructor, the constructor is a special function that has the same name as the class. It automatically runs when you create a class so if there is any code that you require in a class you can put it here. If your remember the main.

You can also delete it altogether and when called gide will automatically use a blank constructor but some people like to have it there to remind them.

We can declare them either public to allow us to call them from our main class or we can declare them as private if we plan to only use them internally. Inside we will see the following code: