Gabriel Okara: collected poems. Responsibility: Gabriel Okara ; edited and with an introduction by Brenda Marie Osbey. Uniform Title: Poems. Selections. Once upon a time, son, they used to laugh with their hearts and laugh with their eyes: but now they only laugh with their teeth, while their. This is a poem by the Nigerian poet Gabriel Okara, in which he laments the lost innocence of youth. In it he condemns the hypocrisy of adults.

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While delivering the keynote address at the maiden Gabriel Okara Literary Festivalorganised by the Institute of Arts and Culture, University of Port, notable poet and essayist, Mr.

Okara was the virtual pathfinder, if not the path-breaker, whose performance set the stage, if not the tone of the Poetry in English Language. Hence the delight with which anthologists went for his poems.

A few factor have been adduced for this. First is that his works did not come in a single collection early enough to form a holistic view of his works. Second is that his style, especially his fictional, as manifested in The Voice, put critics in a fix on how to interpret him because of the Ijaw cultural nationalism it exemplified.

Okara has written in all literary genres, yet not much attention has been given to his gabrieel. I may be wrong.


Gabriel Okara: Collected Poems

If there are publications on his creativity, we would like to have details to enable us upgrade our bibliography on his works. Briefly, I believe his works deserve better attention. He has not been given sufficient critical attention as an author.

He is a cultural nationalist, with a unique style. Okara is very nationalistic. His works have to be carefully studied. He achieved much more than he has been given. I want to say he was discriminated against. Lindsay Barrett, who, coincidentally, will review the book, Gabriel Okara, in Yenegoa.

Gabriel Okara… Restoring the genius of Africa’s oldest living poet

Okara was prolific in poetry. We Okara and I were not university-based writers. They yabriel if you are not attached to university, you are not a serious writer.

Okara is a most dedicated poet at every stage of his life. According Barrett, The Voice presented its peculiar challenges for critics, who, at the time the novel came out, were yet to fashion a proper Afro-centric critical parametres of looking an African work of such innovative ands adventurous nature. They were imposing European standards on African aesthetics.

Okara was adventurous in his writing; it made okkara writing seem remote, when it was actually a path-finding work. Specifically, with regard to his placement in the ranks of Nigerian writers, his pioneering stand, not only as a forerunner of many of the patterns and themes in the literatures, can now be raised to their foundational status, or at least, as precursors of themes and stylistic innovativeness that critics had overlooked.


Apart from the Gabriel Okara Literary Festival recently held at the University of Port Harcourt and the upcoming critical book on him, it is the hope of Prof.

Once Upon a Time – a poem by Gabriel Okara | The Henry Brothers’ Jim Jam Slam

There were award of prizes to deserving contributors to the development of literature and education at the maiden Gabriel Okara Literary Festival in Port Harcourt. Among the awardees for Lifetime Achievement Award were veteran journalist, novelist, poet, and photographer, Mr. Kudo Eresia-Eke, novelist and essayist, Opems.

Also, Bayelsa State governor, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi for promoting literatureand incumbent, Mr. Nyesom Wike for promoting educationwere also given awards even though the duo failed to attend the festival or send representatives. Toping the list of post-humous awardees was prolific novelist and playwright, Captain Elechi Amadi, who passed on last year.

Elijah Iyagba and human and environmental rights activist and special adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan, Mr. To enable commenting and other interactive features, please switch to the more advanced. Receive News Alerts on Whatsapp: