AKS Heat Transfer provide a heat exchanger retubing service for shell tube heat exchangers using materials to original specification untilsing procedures and. various steps of retubing (remaking of the tube bundle): tube cutting heat exchanger tube sheets. Available in the standard Cutting procedure. The Kattex is. Heat Exchanger Retubing Procedure Pdf Download >>> n,,a,,simplified,,heat,, exchanger,,because.,,directed,,through,,the,,space,,around,,the.,,dispersants.

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Retubing & Refurbishment Of Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers tubes retubing. What is the rule of thumb practice for heat exchangers tubes retubing?


We haven’t heard of an industry “rule of thumb”. Some companies inspect exchanger tubes during scheduled shutdowns and replace them with less than RE: Luis Your question is too general without specifying details.

If the tube is uniformly affected to have this reduction in wall thickness, down stream equipment in the system would also be equally affected. Tube replacement criteria is decided by plant excchanger and criticality of service for a particular process. Strtictly there is no “rule of thumb industry guideline” for replacement.

Tube Bundles/Retubing – Process Solutions

In most cases, plant production and safety of plant will over-weigh exchanger tube replacement or exchanger replacement criteria. Trust this will help you C. What are others practice? Heat exchangers tubes thickness is based in BWG. Most of the carbon steel tubes are 2. So, when you have exchanger tubes with nominal thickness of 2. In our case heat exchangers are required to work without leaks during a four years run. Heat exchangers lives are based on theoretical expected corrosion rates from RBI analysis.

In services where you have generalized tubes corrosion is easier to schedule heat exchanger retubing but when your corrosion is localized is almost impossible to predict heat exchangers tubes replacement.


Thanks for your sharing Luis. Luis If it is ET, whoever is the inspection agency and the type of calibration standard used for C.

Retubing & Repairing Of Heat Exchanger – TSF Engineering Services

S and their inspection experience, the agency should hat your tubes in a way that you do not normally resort to whole sale replacement. S austenitic or duplex S. S or Ti type materials.

It is not too difficult to make such predictions today for C. Trust this helps you. The safe operation of oil refineries in the United States is under constant r January 30, – February 2, Where: Stay Current Sign up for our quarterly newsletter covering updates on corrosion. Some companies inspect exchanger tubes prrocedure scheduled shutdowns and replace them with less than. Page 1 of 2.