, the complete industry guide – Find Honeywell Access Systems NS2-P or any electronic security product from the extensive products. Honeywell Access Systems NS2+ control panel is an intelligent 2-door controller that is designed to work with almost any application. The NS2+ controllers. : HONEYWELL ACCESS NS2UPG1 NS2-NS2+UPGRADE W/ MEMORY EXPANSION: Security And Surveillance Products: Camera & Photo.

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Does anyone have a Honeywell NS2 Panel around that they would be willing to sell?

ADI | Honeywell Commercial Security | NS2UPG1 | NS2-NS2+UPGRADE W/ MEM EXPANSN

I have a customer who lost a board last week and they are no longer being made so I am unable to buy one from distribution. At this time they are not ready to transition to new hardware and software. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


To that end, I am curious. Are there any ‘junkyard’ security dealers that keep an inventory of old parts? I could see this being an interesting business model. I know a couple of people I could ask. If the latter, you could change it to a NetAXS or something else, maybe.

Northern Honeywell NStar 2-Door Access Control Unit NS2 / ENC10 with Enclosure | eBay

Ethan, they are running NStar. Ethan i did end up buying a netaxs panel and winpak Show oldest first Show newest first. Top Comment Votes – Past 3 Months 1.

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