Meg Cabot climbs aboard the vampire love train with her “Insatiable Series” starring cute pixie-ish Meena Harper (irresistible to both vampires. Insatiable [Meg Cabot] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Insatiable by Meg Cabot Dear Ms. Cabot,. I’m not sure why I got a copy of your new book, “Insatiable” since I’m not the first DA reviewer who.

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There aren’t many books that I can’t finish and know that I never will, unfortunately this book falls into that category. I’ve heard complaints about Meena acting stupidly – I choose to attribute her actions cabkt Cabot’s nod to Stoker’s Dracula what with the whole vampire hypnosis thingas she’s so clearly doing that with a lot of the rest of the book. Why do so many people think that Dracula is a love story?

Just when you think you can’t take another vampire book, she throws something a little different into the mix.

This trait makes her, analogously to Sookie Stackhouse, irresistible to vampires, who love to see something new under the sun metaphorically speaking. She worries about her job. Very solid, slightly predictable, plot that has your standard Vampire, Vampire Hunter and the girl who’s stuck in the middle, with a variety of characters to chose amongst your favorites.

Meena’s first love interest mdg called The Prince of Darkness. She had to get the word out there. Her seemless writing and delightfully seductive storyline entices the reader to gallop through the pages with unabashed and unbridled abandon. In other words, I am insattiable for time and warmly pressed up against something else. Oct 24, Selene rated it did not like it Shelves: What really struck me was this: I could go on to list enough cheesyness to fill a large silver platter but I’ll stop now, insatkable I don’t really want to put myself through it again.


Insatiable (Insatiable, #1) by Meg Cabot

So as I said above, once I started reading this novel, I had difficulty staying focused on it. I found Lucien very presumptuous and a little intimidating, too, so while I am Team Edward all the way, the way this story was presented – I was Team Jacob! The humor I found to be annoying.

I’ve heard there’s a second book coming up No, better yet- Dead Wrong. I was so suprised when Meg Cabot mentioned the movie “Astro-Boy”. View all 30 comments. The story gy decided to go somewhere, and that somewhere was pretty great! Here’s where I’d normally say how much I recommended the book Well, maybe she wants to eventually have kids Meg currently divides her time met Key West, Indiana, and New York City with a primary cat one-eyed Henriettavarious back-up cats, and her husband, who doesn’t know he married a fire horse.

As always, for my note on the cover I love this one; mystery and all. There is a vampire hunter called Alaric Wulf. DNF – The cover for this book caught my attention from the get-go, I absolutely love the cover. If she survives long enough to avoid the Palantine vampire hunting guard hammering at her door, not to the mention hordes of killer bats on the loose, will she lose her own soul in the process?

Not that you’re going to believe her. But if you do that, I will kill you and dispose of your body in a place where no one will find it. Is that really the right term for someone who cries this much works for. He loves Meena although he had a bad first impression of her. This site uses cookies. He was funny in his completely arrogant and self-centered way.

She manages to do so pretty successfully, offering a book that has enough action and romance to hook the usual vampire fan, and also enough humor and parody to get a few good chuckles out of people sick to death of Twilight and its like.


Overall, I liked it and Im glad to have read it and I will continue with the series. This entry was posted in Book Review and tagged Book Review.

Insatiable Series

I learn something new, its me bonus. Please don’t tell him. There’s at least one speech that is almost verbatim out of New Moon, which I found funny and sad at the same time. You know, I had this whole elaborate take down prepared, this entire thing lined up where I’d disparage this blow by blow. What a pity that Lucien has everything under control.

Sooo we have Lucien, PoD hunting rogue killing vampires. Complete with witty Red Letter Media references, and everyt Don’t even bother reading this, for a lack caboy a better word, novel.

To be honest, if this hadn’t have been a read for a tour site, I probably would have quit it before it ever had a chance to get good. In fact, instaiable of the story feels extremely…well, structurally fictional. It was sultry and steamy when need be and a breath of fresh air.

Fiction Book Review: Insatiable by Meg Cabot, Morrow, $ (p) ISBN

Once the story begins building and rolling along all of the this seems to fade and I was unable to put this insariable down.

She manages to do so pretty successfully, offering a book that has enough action and romance to hook the usual vampire fan, and also enough humor and parody to get a few good With InsatiableMeg Cabot has thrown her hat into the ring of paranormal fiction. Cheese variety number one: