ILP = Instruction Level Parallelism = ability to perform multiple operations (or instructions), from a single instruction 42 Intel EPIC Architecture IA Explicit Parallel Instruction Computer (EPIC) IA architecture -> Itanium, first realization . silicon area T2M (Time-to-Market) Lower Energy What’s the disadvantage?. Intel IA64 ILP in embedded and mobile markets Fallacies and pit falls. TEXT BOOKS: 1. J ohn L. Hennessy, David A. Patterson Computer. RISCy Business: Intel’s New IA Architecture jointly create what they hope will be the first post-RISC processor to enter the personal computer mass market.

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Library Locations and Hours. The era of seemingly unlimited growth in processor performance is over: Today, Intel and other semiconductor firms are abandoning the single fast processor model in favor of multi-core microprocessors–chips that combine two or more processors in a single package.


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In the ia-644 edition of Computer Architecturethe authors focus on this historic shift, increasing their coverage of multiprocessors and exploring the most effective ways of achieving parallelism as the key to unlocking the power of multiple processor architectures. Additionally, the new edition has expanded and updated coverage of design topics beyond processor performance, including power, reliability, availability, and dependability.

Hennessy is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University, where he has mobils a member of the faculty since and was, from toits tenth President.

He has also received seven honorary doctorates. Thank you for using the catalog. Summary The era of seemingly unlimited growth in processor performance is over: Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Computer Design 1.

Performance and Price-Performance 1. Power Consumption and Efficiency as the Metric 1. The Role of Compilers 2.

Concepts and Challenges 3. Examples and the Algorithm 3.

Embedded Computer Architecture

The P6 Microarchitecture 3. Thread Level Parallelism 3. Alpha Memory Hierarchy 5. The Emotion Engine of the Sony Playstation 2 5.


The Sun Fire Server 5. Exploiting Thread-Level Parallelism within a Processor 6.

Computer architecture : a quantitative approach

Sun”s Wildfire Prototype 6. Multithreading in a Commercial Server 6. Make this your default list.

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