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Basically all are grounds. Recently I bought some monitors just to have as loaners.

Irrf634a these was a SuperCom ST popular with this problem. I decided that Weltrend should be putting heatsinks on these chips and wanted to see the effect a heatsink would have. I cut a piece of dataasheet aluminum into a rectangle approximally 1.

The center of the heatsink I left wide enough to just fit on the surface of the chip, making sure the fins would not be too close to the pins. I have left the monitor on for as much as two and one half days solid with no loss of sync, even after this chip had already been weakened by the heat and was loosing it’s sync after about an hour. I would have either installed a new chip or attempted this repair only after discussing it with the owner had this not been mymonitor, but I was curious and had nothing to loose.

I might even try mounting a heatsink using this technique on a new chip sometime.

Fairchild Semiconductor

JBWeld to those who haven’t used it is an epoxy base filled with steelpowder. Maybe they make an aluminum filled epoxy more conductive. Unpack monitor box, remove packing foam, and plastic bag. Remove back cover and datasheeh. Remove top and metal cover. Remove bottom metal chassis and main board metal frame. Pull out main board and disassemble main board from all the irt634a frames. Install 3 jumpers size 2 each 6. Mount the new expansion board in location HIC Make sure pin 1 is to Pin 1 have option board component side facing component irf6344a.

Fix each jumper by jam-melt,so they do not move. Make sure jrf634a jumper wire is clear of screws when it is installed Adjust VR to 26kv using a high voltage probe.

Adjust brightness and focus. Re-Assemble monitor and mark with a blue dot on the product label near the serial number. Check to see if ZD is installed, if not then add add a 1K ohm irr634a in it’s place.

Add a ferrite bead at J use the same one removed from location BC Make sure the screws do not penetrate the jumper wire pin 7 when attaching the back plate on thr pcb.

One of the problems with these monitors is that some svga video cards, when they change modes, put out a very fast rise time spike on the horzontal line and it kills the horizontal output transistor MJM This should stop this very fast rise time spike from destroying the horizontal datasyeet transistor. Powers on but no video.


Key items were missing in your question. Does the HV cycle on and stay on? This is confirmed by either HV Voltage probe or by hearing the crackle. If HV is present is the filament lit? Either or both would cause no video to appear.

Daatsheet am already checked the pot, and is ok. I already checked for bad resistors, but they seem to be ok. I checked de capacitors and it seems to be ok. Is the problem in the CRT board? Supercom SK monitor in the shop which suffers from excessive width and pincushion. Width and dayasheet controls have barely noticable effect. I have yet to locate the defective part.

Check the deflection yoke for shorts.

Mitsubishi monitor model CAGK the monitor works fine while in windows 95 X but if Krf634a shell out to DOS the monitor scrolls vertically as if the sync datashete missing.

Using Device Manager, Remove, then re-install your video drivers. It sounds crazy but it worked for us! Tosh CF which seems to have a pincushion type problem. The raster covers the screen but the video looks bowed in on the sides.

Also there are slight vert retrace lines at the top which I think is a separate problem. Orchestra French Horn 15″ that has a pin-cushion problem. The sides of the picture in the display bow in.

Datasheet archive on 20-1-2006

The pin-cushion adjustment pot inside will not adjust the problem. It seems to be something other than the pot.

I have adjusted that pot in the past with results. If so, replace cap c, 3. Try to relocate it as far as possible from heat sink. It will solve your problem with pincusion. Gateway CrystalScan LE monitor in for repair. Gateway has looked at this monitor, and has been unable to solve the problem.

With the brightness at normal to high levels, there are several light bands that can been seen, going from top to bottom, at the left side of the screen, whose total width covers approximately 3 to 4 inches of the left side of the screen. I would check the cap that are filter for the video ic lm or similar.

I had some that had bad esr. If you do not have a esr cap meter jump a good one across it. Sometimes the cap check good on cap meter but esr is no good. I have also seen bad crt doing the same problem it look like a image being inserted on top of video. It has a vertical collapse.


One common problem giving no vertical deflection in this unit is bad solder joints on the pincushion correction PC board, near the top of the yoke. Check carefully and resolder: They all seem to work ok then but have squashed text on very right side. Does anyone have the recommended proceedure for setting the current through the HOT?

Check C and C Gateway Vivitron 17″ monitor that invariably goes into power save mode on startup. If I push the reset button I get the message ‘out of scan range’. The power save feature powers down most of the unit if it doesn’t detect a sync signal, assuming your pc is off, inactive, etc.

Check cable continuity closely. Somehow unit the is losing signal. Does anyone know how to open the case of a Apple MultipleScan 15 Display? There are two small holes at top of the monitor. Insert a small screwdrive into the holes and push tab down while pulling apart.

Packard Bell S monitor that has a burnt resistor that I cannot find the value for. The location is R I measured the value of resistor R in a Packard Bell model s as The color code looks like red, red, black, orange. The body of the resistor is green. I investigated a color purity problem and determined that portions of the office furniture were magnetized, especially near the seams. I assume spot welding does this. I used a fluxgate dc meter and found gauss dc near the shelves and drawers.

The user does not believe this is possible. Am I correct, is it possible that office furniture can be sufficiently magnetized to cause color purity problems, and are there any references on this phenomenon? If I am correct I intend to attempt to degauss the affected metal pieces of furniture.

I have a customer in Lake Orion, Michigan who has a steel beam in his residence magnetized. The house has been hit by lightning. There are only two physical places in the house he can have a colour tv with a half-way desent picture.

Archive Computer Monitor Repair

The probality of the steel office furniture being magnatized is very possible. The companies who manufacture these items usually degauss them before shipping. Sony CPD with a “no power” symptom. I have changed the start-up cap C14 without the problem being resolved.

I notice that when the main PCB is flexed some; C14 will charge to a slightly higher voltage and occasionally cause the PWM chip to start. I actually solved this problem; I over looked the obvious as datasheet all tend to do from time to time.