In this book, you will find a collection of epic tips and tricks for working with jQuery that I have discovered over the years as a JavaScript. This Mighty Deals helps you understand advanced jQuery techniques. An easy- to-follow eBook, jQuery Trickshots, by Martin Angelov, offers. Contribute to minhkhanb/JQuery-Trick-Host development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Have an account already? Log in below to keep track of your purchases. When you purchase a deal your account will be automatically created. The neat thing about programming is that there are always tons of different ways to accomplish the same result. Some are tougher, more complex, and take a lot longer to implement. Others, however, can make your life incredibly easier and save you a load of time With the right knowledge, jQuery can perform some fantastic functions with very little programming needed.

What you do need, though, is the knowledge of how to best make use of the much-loved jQuery. With this Mighty Deal, there’s a lot of love to go around.

Explore jquery, trickshot and more!

It’s a powerful resource that comes at a ridiculously low price. Yep, jqjery less than the price of a movie ticket, you can learn how to master jQuery techniques.

No trick there; just pure treats! Martin’s writing is clear and to-the-point, and all of the examples are from real-world situations that jQuery developers trickdhots every day. Reviewing each one of the trickshots will expose you to all kinds of jQuery techniques to which you might not be aware.


A must read for client-side developers. I was surprised that so many things were possible with jQuery that I hadn’t heard about. Reading jQuery Trickshots was a fun learning experience.

I highly recommend it. Based on hands-on knowledge from the author’s personal experience as a JavaScript programmer, you’ll get a large collection of incredibly useful tips and tricks.

Perfect for All Skill Levels Whether you’re just starting out using jQuery or you’ve been using it for years, it doesn’t matter. This book works for all skill levels, offering neat tricks, awesome plugins, and various tips on using and abusing the incredible jQuery library.

Easy to Follow Despite the advanced nature of some of these jQuery tips and techniques, this book explains them all in an easy-to-follow manner. Learn how to completely level the playing field and easily work around browser differences through the simple use of jQuery. Variety tricksnots Topics With lessons, you’re sure to cover a lot of ground concerning jQuery. Specifically, here are a number of topics covered in the eBook: DOM Manipulation – Besides getting tips on chaining and organizing your code, you’ll learn how to use the power of the DOM to your best advantage.

Total Performance – With some simple optimization tricks, you can learn how to squeeze everything to the last drop out of your site’s performance. Working with Events – There are a number of techniques available for working with events, and you’ll learn how to make your stellar code perform on touch devices, chain event handlers, and tons more.


Master Class – You’ll step into the past a bit as you learn everything about applying old-school JavaScript tricks, executing the little-known jQuery methods, isolating code blocks, and extending jQuery. Plugins – Get the lowdown on some of the best, most-useful plugins for today’s most popular Web apps, including real examples and live code. Multiple Formats jQuery Trickshots is available in multiple formats, so you can enjoy them on your favorite device.

Includes Examples It’s one thing to read about a topic, but it’s an entirely different thing to get real live examples to truly dissect. Your purchase of this Mighty Deal includes a zip file with examples to let you try out and edit them yourself.

LAST DAY! jQuery Trickshots eBook ( advanced techniques) – only $! – MightyDeals

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