Walt Disney’s Junior Woodchuck’s Guide [Walt Disney] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A colorful Walt Disney book A learning guide. Junior Woodchucks Guidebook General Discussions. A book that has been in my personal library since I was a kid is the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook. No, not the fictional one, a real one.

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Bernhard” Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories Later stories introduced a similar organization for girls, the Littlest Chickadeesto which Daisy Duck ‘s nieces, April, May and June belong.

The hallmark of the Junior Woodchucks is their spirited dedication to environmental protection and animal welfareas well as the preservation of knowledge and the furtherance of science. They are also known for their exalted titles and ranks Huey, Dewey, and Louie being promoted to become Ten-Star Generals in the story of the same name and the awarding of buckets of badges, along with severe ideals as to decorum.

In this way Barks poked gentle but pointed satire at aspects of the Boy Scouts of America. Junior Woodchucks always carry with them a copy of the Junior Woodchucks’ Guidebooka fictional guidebook filled with detailed and pertinent information about whatever country or situation the Woodchucks find themselves.

Its depth of coverage is remarkable, considering that it is a small paperback book. Don Rosa wrote and drew a story regarding the origin of the Junior Woodchucks’ Guidebook, ” Guardians of the Lost Library “, which Comics Buyer’s Guide mentioned as possibly the greatest comic book story of all time. Rosa’s later story ” W. In Carl Barks drew a model sheet of the nephews, with some of the drawings showing them in their Junior Woodchuck uniforms, for the Disney studio’s publications department.

They also appeared in Donald Duck and in Uncle Scrooge. Inthey got their own title, Huey, Dewey, and Louie and the Junior Woodchuckspublished by Gold Key Comics for 62 issues, and then continued by Whitman Comics for another 20 issues until The stories which Carl Barks wrote for this comic book, among the last comic book stories he scripted, were drawn by Kay Wright, John Carey and Tony Strobl.

More recently Daan Jippes has been commissioned by Egmont to redraw these stories emulating Barks’ style and drawing inspiration from the sketches of Barks’ storyboard-like scripts.

Disney Comics published a Junior Woodchucks four issue mini series in In the story “W. Clinton Cootthe son of Cornelius Coot, was the founder of the Junior Woodchucks as a Scouting organization for the children around Duckburg at the time to uphold the ideals of doing good deeds, protection of the wild lands and the preservation of knowledge.

The organization eventually grew larger to include all the nations around the world. The Junior Woodchucks is a para-militaristic organization with its leadership being much more similar to that of army officers than to real-life Scoutmasters.

The Junior Woodchucks’ Guide

Alongside self-reliance, [3] trust and honor are important to the Junior Woodchucks, as its members never lie, as for instance when Huey, Dewey and Louie promised the inhabitants of the secret sunken city of Atlantis to never reveal guidebooo city’s location to the outside world.

As the title of the Junior Woodchucks of the World suggest, it is an international organization and has troops all around the globe, including Arabia which consist of Desert Patrol nr. The adult leadership of the Junior Woodchucks consists of troop commanders [7] called Grand Moguls in European comics whom often has elaborate, grand and long acronymized titles which demonstrates their ranking position and professional field. They have also been called Generals in a few stories by Carl Barks.

The troop commanders’ uniforms is militaristic in design and is often white or brown in color with richly decorated gold embroideries; with their headgear often being a woodchuck cap [3] or other types of military headwear. They are also often wearing a large number of meritorious and elaborate medals, badges and ribbons which makes them look very dignified and grandiose, and in some cases extremely pompous.


Only Junior Woodchucks can later become troop commanders. Again, according to Wkodchuck Rosa’s story W. However other high ranking titles of uncertain position in leadership has been used within the organization in stories by Carl Barks and others.

On few occasions Donald Duck has taken on the role as a troop commander although in Don Rosa ‘s story ” W. In a large number of stories, including the last ones written by Carl Barks, the Duckburg troop commander is a tall duck, who is either the same character in every story with many different titles depending on the situation or separate characters. In some Italian stories the troop commander of the Duckburg troop is a tall, strong and wise but afraid of flight goose whose name is Bertie McGoose.

To become a full member of the Junior Woodchucks and be assigned to a local troop one must first enlist as cadets, who uses no-tails woodchuck caps, and pass an initiation test that proves one’s intelligence and resourcefulness.

Within the troops there is also leadership titles fuidebook by the army, in which Guidebookk seems to be the lowest rank followed by higher ranking titles like Ten-Star General; which is one grade below Exalted Hightail.

These include outdoors and survival skills, science and environmental protection etc. With these promotions, Junior Woodchucks receive a munior number of honorific and elaborate medals, badges and ribbons in the specific field that one has mastered.

All the different troops also has its own lodge as a base of operation and for gatherings. The most prestigious troop to belong to was the Duckburg Troop Nr. He also has a number of acronymized titles which include: D octor of O dd-ball G immickryS. S upremely S agacious S poor S nifferand K.

K nightly, I ntrepid, N atatorial G uardian. General Snozzie also has a Ph. The Littlest Chickadeessometimes also called the Chickadee Patrolsare female counterparts to the Junior Woodchucks. The Guideboko Duckburg patrol is led by a brawny woman named Captain Ramrod. The Chickadees are named after the chickadeea species of small bird; guidbook phrase “littlest chickadee” also suggests “my little chickadee”, a term of endearment classically used by W.

Junior Woodchucks’ Guide — MrFun’s Journal

In the spirit of friendly rivalry, the Duckburg Troops of the Littlest Chickadees and Junior Jhnior once held a bridge-building competition, which ended in a tie. They are however often depicted to be much more insufficient, and at times even negligent, in their outdoors and survival skills in contrast to the high standards of the Junior Woodchucks.

In the Little Booneheads first appearance, it was revealed that Donald Duck was a former member, and thanks to the organization’s inferior training, Donald is often getting into trouble for practicing them again. Alongside being a pun of the term “bonehead”, the Little Booneheads is also woodchucl reference to the pioneer and explorer Daniel Boone ; as Donald proclaims: The Junior Woodchucks’ Guidebook and Reservoir of Inexhaustible Knowledge[13] [9] or the Junior Woodchucks’ Guidebook or Woocdhuck book for short, appears to contain information and advice on every possible subject.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie frequently woodchck a volume of the set to get themselves and their uncles Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck out of dangerous situations see deus ex machina. According to the cartoonist Don Rosa, this book was written by the Guardians of the lost Library of Alexandriacompiling the essence junilr all the knowledge that was unique to the Library.

It was later found by Cornelius Coot who gave the book to his son Clinton Coot who, in turn, was inspired to found The Junior Woodchucks as a continuation of the Guardians of the Library. One story that guidebooj not by Don Rosa says that the Guidebook is updated by an unknown author. The Woodchuck book seems almost magical in its breadth of information; it almost never fails to provide the required information and yet is small enough to fit into a Junior Woodchuck’s backpack.

In particular, the Guidebook contains information on lost treasure, a complete survival guideextensive historical and technical information and phrase books for various more or less common languages like a minimal lizard phrase bookand many more. However, it does not contain information that a Junior Woodchuck is already supposed to know, such as the location of Gkidebook of Good Hope nor does it contain information on guicebook non-existent things.

  DIODE 1N4150 PDF

In one episode of Duck Tales, the three nephews faced a dragon and when they consulted the Guidebook, the guidbook on dragons read that since dragons did not exist, there was no reason to include information on them. However, in the story on which that episode was based, the guidebook did have an entry on dragons. And, in a story which appeared in Uncle Scrooge entitled ” The Golden Fleecing ” the ducklings looked up the question, how to put a dragon to sleep, and found the answer, Pull the wool over his eyes.

The boys then covered the dragon’s eyes with the Golden Fleecewhich they had just discovered by going to Colchis on the Argo and obtaining it from the Harpies. On the other hand, the Guidebook does have information on Martian technology, despite the fact that in the DuckTales universe Martians had not been discovered when the book was printed. It is missing only one fact: The nunior order of the original Knights Templar, plus one discovered in an ancient Xanadu manuscript.

In short, it is a minimal encyclopedia although the subset of articles is extraordinarily well-chosenavailable only to Junior Woodchucks. Information is readily available by searching the extensive index; a key skill of a Junior Woodchuck is being able to retrieve information quickly from the Woodchuck book in the midst of a dangerous situation, such as a bear attack, an earthquakefalling out of an airplane sans parachute, or being swallowed by a woodcchuck.

However, in one Carl Barks story, it took the ducklings so long to look up a lifesaving question, it was almost too late. Scrooge subsequently offered to buy the Junior Woodchucks a better index for the Guidebook. The real Handbook at least in the s was the same size as the Guidebook and was believed by all Scouts to contain all necessary information.

That guide was the inspiration for the “Junior Ugidebook Guidebook” Il Manuale delle Giovani Marmottea series of several Disney books with tips, advice, general culture, and curious facts about nature and life, released in Italy by Mondadori in seven volumes between andand later translated into several languages.

The Junior Woodchucks and their guidebook were a frequent plot element in the original DuckTales animated series.

Junior Woodchucks’ Guidebook

The Woodchucks and the guidebook also exist in the DuckTales rebootin which the reimagined Huey is the nephew most enthusiastically involved with the organization. He also keeps his copy of juhior guidebook under his cap being the only nephew to regularly wear a cap in this incarnation and adds various entries to it as he encounters various supernatural entitites or artifacts.

Webby Vanderquack ‘s conspiracy board also includes-among various elements-a letter from the “Senior Woodchuck Council.

In the s Bob Rozakis called his fellow young fans turned DC Comics editorial employees Junior Woodchucks [16] and they referred to themselves as such in the pages of the pro-zine The Amazing World of DC Comics which they co-edited. Comedian Jeff Foxworthy once claimed, in his TV show, to have been a member of the Junior Woodchucks in his childhood. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He came to my desk and said, ‘Go get the rest of your pals and bring them to my office.

But the name stuck Disney core universe characters. Rockerduck Magica De Spell. Retrieved from ” https: Fictional organizations Scouting in popular culture Characters created by Carl Barks Disney core universe characters.

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