Romina Power in Marquis de Sade’s Justine () Romina Power and Maria Rohm in Marquis de Sade’s Justine () Romina Power in Marquis de Sade’s . Justina: o los infortunios de la virtud: Marqués de Sade: : Books. Marques de Sade (Obras selectas series). $ Hardcover. Obra Completa de Sade (Justine o Los Infortunios de la Virtud) Version en Espanol. $

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Other books in the series. Justinna February 20, The doctor however is also crazy messed up for after healing her, she finds out he is really into BDSM with kids, including his daughter. An innocent girl goes to spend the weekend on an island with a woman and her brother, but soon she finds herself entangled in a web of dream-like sexual experiments.

I like the one theme that talking can go one forever or not, yet the truth is always, and secondly, the road of excess, mainly for the imagination, can lead to the palace of wisdom.

Anyone who actually needed to read this to know that should send an email to freedesadebookforidiot gmail. Want to Read saving….

The Marquis de Sade demonstrated powers of characterization and narrative in some his other works, but “Juliette” is a page slab of pornographic fantasy with philosophic pretensions. Orloff The Diabolical Dr. It was as if I was making Bambi 2′. Also, all the men in the book give Justine the EXACT same speech about how it’s so much easier to make a woman feel pain rather than pleasure.


The first unexpurgated English marqurs of Justine by ‘Pieralessandro Casavini’, a pseudonym for Austryn Wainhouse was published eade the Olympia Press in He offers to let her live with him for free, in exchange for her becoming a model for him to paint.

I didn’t even let my rage break at the realization that Justine’s death breaks continuity with Justine, the book’s sister novel. Then the cycle restarts over and over again. Ce, all the men in the book gi Oh my God, this is one of the worst books I’ve read in my life. The orgies and discourses go a step further each time until, finally, all hell breaks loose and the discourse becomes loftier in order to justify more grotesque horrors.

Similar authors to follow

A long read, and it could corrupt you, but it’s a great ride worth trying out! Before I hit pages, I put it down, determined to never finish it. Justine is de Sade’s personification of the perfect believer – she’s virtuous and blindly faithful to her God, naive and easily manipulated, always willing to help others and never learning from her mistakes or past experiences.

Virginity must be banished and no one should ever get married. Jul 20, MaDoReader rated it it was ok.

I love The Marquis. Marquis de Bressac Angel Petit I do see why de Sade was and has become such a debated author and philosopher, but I doubt he’d get a following if he lived and wrote in today’s world. One often has to wonder why a lightning bolt never came down from heaven to strike the sinful Marquis himself down. She explains the series of misfortunes that led her present situation. Time 18th centuryRevolution, Rich, brilliant colors, skin aplenty, a few perversities, and strange performances from Klaus Kinski, Jack Palance and Mercedes Mccambridge make for an entertaining but relatively tame Franco outing.


Sade the philosopher is in force, and his treatises – like his other novels delivered by key characters – are interspersed with the sex and violence one expect Juliette is to Justine what Ada is to Lolita: The film had Franco’s largest budget to date, of just under a million dollars.

Juliette by Marquis de Sade

I’d also like to formally invite the Marquis over to my place for dinner this Saturday, because as we all know he and Elvis are having the time of their still very ongoing lives somewhere on a secluded island, Richard Branso Saying that this is my kind of porn comes across very, very badly. As in, look what happens if all moral rules are foresaken and pleasure is the only god.

It sounds bad, but please read it and all of Sade’s other books before you hate on the man. The book is in love with the idea of an egoistic self that uses others in any way it likes and destroys them to gratify its power. Sep 29, Christina knox rated it it was amazing.