A self-sustaining city anchored by a cluster of knowledge Konza gross regional product (GRP). 2% of Kenya , Konza Masterplan. 4. Konza Technology City is a large technology hub planned by the Government of Kenya to be The initial feasibility and concept master plan was prepared jointly by Deloitte and Pell Frischmann, a UK based design consultancy and funded by . master degree study at Utrecht University through Indonesia Education .. Community Participation on Konza Techno City Planning Process.

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In recent years, numerous plans for New Towns have been developed throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The emergence of New Towns throughout Africa is a very recent phenomenon.

Although the actual construction of most of them has not started yet, they already have a prominent role in the media.

However, they have been heavily criticized as well. It has been argued that these planned cities stand in stark contrast with the contemporary urban situation in Africa, which is plagued by housing shortages, congestion and pollution.

Why are these New Towns being developed and how feasible is their construction really? Moreover, and this is what distinguishes New Towns from other forms of planned urban developments, New Towns are part of regional and national development strategies and hence the engagement of the state is crucial. Inthe Kenyan government announced the development of the government-led, multi-billion dollar project Konza Technology Cityof which the construction should start shortly.

After its planned completion inthe new city will supposedly houseresidents and createjobs. The site that has been acquired for the development covers an area of hectares and is located 80 kilometres from the capital Nairobi. Why did the national government decide to develop such an ambitious and expensive project, while existing cities clearly need improvement?


Another aspect that is of key importance in understanding the development of Konza City is that it will be developed from scratch.

With help from a friend, plans for a new tech hub take shape in Kenya | From the Grapevine

Stakeholders see the existing city, Nairobi, as being dysfunctional, uncontrolled and unmanageable. They argue that trying to improve the city is almost impossible and will only result in the wasting of resources.

But how realistic is this idea? There are several factors that may complicate the successful realization of Konza Technology City. Although the national government is slowly moving towards a more neoliberal system, it is still characterized by its strong bureaucratic and fragmented nature.


This has resulted in multiple conflicts and delays, which subsequently decrease investor confidence — and without investors, there will be no Konza City. Around komza site of Konza City, the government has created a 10 kilometre buffer-zone in which informal settlements are not allowed, mainly in order to protect property-values.

However, it is unlikely that this buffer can klnza maintained, due to an insufficient ability to policy and the vast amount of people in poverty that will be attracted by the employment in Konza City. Thirdly, doubt can be cast on whether the city will attract its mastwr population. This city was designed for over half a million people, but remains almost entirely uninhabited. Overall, the government-initiated development of Konza Technology City is meant to stimulate economic growth, house the emergent middle class and create a town that does not have to deal with the problems that are prevalent in other Kenyan settlements.


Konza Technology City Development Plan

However, as has become clear, the successful implementation of this project is severely complicated by multiple factors. Therefore, it is far from certain that Konza Technology City — and other planned cities in Africa — will actually become a reality, let alone in the way it is envisioned.

Sign me up for the newsletter. Between Vision and Reality. Africa Design Kenya Konza Space. Eline Splinter Eline studied Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam and is currently enrolled in the Urban Studies master programme at the same university.

She is mainly interested in the ways in which urban governments use city branding and marketing to attract firms, tourists and residents.

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