Korg Pa2X Pro Manual Online: Technical Specifications. Korg pa2X pro Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Korg pa2X pro User Manual. Buy Korg Pa2X Pro Key Professional Arranger Workstation Keyboard Stand ; CD Assembling Kit; HD Mounting Kit; User’s Manual; 1 Year Parts and Labor.

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Korg Pa2X Pro Key Professional Arranger Workstation PA2XPRO

Korv in Become a member. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Not satisfied proo those reviews? Request a new review. Our members also liked: Sort by most recent most useful. It is very easy to use and has plenty of features for any type of user.

The experience that I had with it has been great because of the motorized tilting screen and weighted keys. The downside is the size of this keyboard, it would be very hard for me to take it anywhere because of the size and the weight. But with its interface and functions it is almost worth the sweat to carry it anywhere it is needed. It has over 60 drum kits built into it and they are all pretty good outside of about 8 of them which I was not a fan of. Each individual track can be customized to memorize the preferences for a song mode.

So if you need your sounds to have a certain EQ set up you can automatically have it remember that. This comes in handy for some of my bass tracks.

It has been really easy to create a full song on this workstation, being that I make so many different styles of music from dance to film scores. It has made it very easy to do it all with this synth. All of the sound types that I needed are right on board and the effects to go with them are there too.

Did you find this review helpful? The Korg Pa2x keyboard arranger is one of my favorite ones to this day. I have been using it for years and it never gets old and I never get tired of using any of the sounds or patches that come with it. You can control all parameters of any sound that you want pretty easy without having any knowledge of sound design like me you can just start messing with stuff until you get what you like.

It is easy to navigate through and understand. But most everything with this keyboard is easy to understand once you get the hang of the menus and how to navigate through the sounds and everything you will be on your way to creating great music in no time.

All user reviews for the Korg Pa2XPRO

There are so many different sounds you will spends hours on hours and days on days just going through all of the sounds p2x seeing what you can do with them. I am very happy that I purchased this a few years ago, another neat thing is that the screen tilts up to the way you want it so no more hurting your neck looking down on board or moving around to get a good view of it, you can simply stay put or wherever you feel comfortable and move the screen to you.


Arranger keyboard very comprehensive.

Richness of the guitar sounds unmatched Same for the sounds of brass MP3 recording function on the fly VERY impressive ease and quality especially when you plug in the PA2X a good microphone. That makes three months that I have. It’ll take at least another 12 more for having made that a quarter of its capabilities I’m an amateur and I can spend only 1 to 2 hours per day.

This manual is well organized in my opinion because it approaches the description capabilities of the device increments.

A 1st section passes quickly on key functions, just enough to allow use 1st fast enough. The document then goes to a 2nd division or have deepened the more advanced features of this unit. However, it seems that this device goes beyond pw2x is documented. Also it would be interesting to share experiences discoveries with the instrument.

For the moment I have not attacked modes sequencers. It is too early to talk in more detail. The state of grace without doubt Joined on various sites and the site korg, no response to my problem.

On the other hand Jai listen on You Tube examples of electric guitar Pa 2x pro who does not correspond at all to reality.

Korg pa2X pro Manuals

KORG still above its competitors. It’s a full keyboard and which is discovering new features every day, especially since the update free of the OS oro it level, trs good compared to other brands.

A clear ahead of the PA1X including rapid execute the commands: Site that also offers free soft drinks, styles, sounds, Difficult to criticize, each with its quality The cot look gadget has played in the Tyros and dfaveur PA2X cot is further pro Features tops, it feels fast in the middle of a group!

Maintaining the OS is an asset indniable: I say almost because nothing is perfect. The sampler is neither easy nor difficult to understand. With one hour, you will do your fingers in the nose.

But I only play the important points because the use gnrale is quite simple, so no problem. Every time I look manhal a function, in 5 manuap I find. Mini beug at the OS but likely to be settled – Nothing special because everything is over.

The only thing I regret pgo that I wanted in the squence, to record audio tracks eg, 24 audio tracks in parralelle with MIDI tracks, but as I di is an arranger keyboard, synthtiseur not. But we can janual exactly the same thing in the pa2x So, no worries. I only regret one thing about this keyboard is that the great sounds of origins was in the Pa1X are found in the same when pa2x with some new sounds and styles.


It would have t mieu korg would have done if something new like Yamaha for its excellent acoustic is good but I do not regret my choice. Hello, I had the chance to test this instrument in a store. I possde pro Pa1X.

The occasion was so nice to compare. First, the appearance, maunal looks strong pro Pa1X. The sides of wood gives it a little class and especially faster than painting parte quail at the slightest shock The swivel screen is very convenient as catastrophic data readability of Pa1X Pro daylight or when some projectors tourns towards you.

Thank you for the “big advance” USB now available for everyone! Finally, because I admit that my floppy rductions stock starts to show signs of significant numbers. I take the passage to ask Mr. Korg why it is also can practice accder functions change the battery of instruments in real manua

I recall myself on the i3, a touch drum maps are given access in pa2s second. For live, spend Charley wrinkles, or to clear caisser rimshot in 1 key and thus without having to modify the style was pure happiness!!! A shortcut to a new OS or function on the screen?

It’s the same thing a few small prs change. I decides to turn the arranger: I turn to the seller and responds to me apparently can tonner: I am waiting to see if other people had the same msaventure. After redmarrage everything went very well. A low-mdium acute-checker for each track. Gnial is really handy for fine and quick correction.

Ct rhythms, nothing special the position simulation system on request fretboard be to master. These are the same as on my Pa1X Pro. Ct sounds, organs are still dcevants those of M3 are all beauty Strings mdiocres, average brass etc.

A superb atmosphere drumkit much to me. I do not use anything sampling and let others talk. I note 5 for the little amliorations tech compared to pro Pa1X. The sounds are almost identical, the arrangements are the same.

My pro Pa1X done as well. For a person with no arranger, it is very well. I think it’s more of an update of Pa1X Pro as an innovative product. Personally, I’ll wait for the next generation Korg arranger. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.