Kubilay Aktulum is the author of Metinlerarası İlişkiler ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews), Parçalılık Metinlerarasılık ( avg rating, 1 rating. Explore kubilay aktulum’s 99 photos on Flickr! kubilay aktulum. Follow. Give Pro. aktulumk. 0 Followers•1 Following. 99 Photos. Joined K. Aktulum is with the Department of French Language And Literature, Hacettepe University, Ankara Cite: Kubilay Aktulum, “What Is Intersemiotics?.

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The Visual and Performing Arts: Issues in Theatre and Cinemas. The Importance of Theatre in the Interrogation of the Other. Performance and Cultural Rights.

Intercultural Theatre for the 21 st Century: Contemporary Photography in Senegal: Building on West African Photographic Heritage. Aspects of the Lives of Turkish Transsexual Prostitutes.

kubilay aktulum

An Empirical Study in the Design Studio: Mehmet Uysal and Dicle Aydin. The Artist as Conduit for Cultural Exchange: Overview of Contemporary Turkish Ceramic Art.


Zehra Cobanli and Lale Demir. Contemporary Art and Design with Wood: Issues in Art History.

The Cultural Trojan Horse: Art in Greece since C. The Effect of History on Authentic Experience. Mythological Representations in Chinese Art: Female Immortals in Ming Figure Paintings. Current Issues in Art Education.

Firat Arapoglu and Insel Inal. Best Practices for an Integrated Arts Curriculum. Killian, Linda Donahue and Carol Kunilay. Problems in the Perception of Linear Perspective.

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A Graphic Design Challenge. Morgan, and William V. Issues in Theatre and Cinemas 2.

Performance and Cultural Rights Lule Rosenbaun 23 5. Fine Applied Arts Kunilay and Blue Dilek Alkan Ozdemir Issues in Art History Karlie Harstad Current Issues in Art Education Firat Arapoglu and Insel Inal Killian, Linda Donahue and Carol Edwards Performance and Cultural Rights Lule Rosenbaun.


Going Green Globally Siobhan Bremer. Ceramic and Blue Dilek Alkan Ozdemir. American Studio Furniture Tolga Benli.