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Sunday, June 5, 35 Starting the Siddhanta-Kaumudi. It allows us to make entry into the operational rules quickly, as related sutras which may be far apart in the original, are brought together in many of the rearrangements, for the better guidance of the student.

Ballantyne from the Benaras College, first published in It had already gone into the fourth edition byand my copy is the seventh reprint by Motilal Banarasidass Publishers, Delhi. Explaining the need for such a work, Ballantyne quotes Colebrooke as follows: The Ballantyne edition does not carry any biographical details of the authors, but apparently Bhattoji Dikshita was an early 17th-century Sanskrit grammarian see the Wiki entry at https: The Laghu can be downloaded at https: One of the problems I see with these scanned versions is that the typefaces are rather indistinct.


The Saradaranjan edition is a bit clearer, but the Kaumdi is a bit defective; it does have a longish introductory essay and overview. Let us get into the Lagu S—K now.

First the Siva-sutra or Maheswara sutras are presented: The name stands for the sequence or set of sounds vowels a i u, and so on. We called the the markers or labels, and they will reappear in other contexts for labelling a type of grammatical form, for instance.

The Laghu Kaumudi: A Sanskrit Grammar, with an English Version, Commentary, and References

They are not real words in the language, but a part of the meta-language or technical terms. By ha, ya, va, etc. The short vowel a itself is an iT, a marker.

Now we hit the first example of a nugget from the original sutras of Panini: It is seen that xiddhanta takes over the preceding sutra 1.

Laghu Siddhanta Kaumudi with English Version – J. R. Ballantyne – Google Books

According to Sharma Vol. There is an involved discussion of the word hal used here: We will not go into the logical resolution of this tautology. Sometimes, we just have to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps!


This associates nasalization to the role as a marker, an iT. Let us also anticipate by noting that the sutra 1. Posted by Dilip Kumar PJ at LaghumaheswarapratyaharaSiddhanta KaumudiSiva. Newer Post Older Post Home.