The options described in this user guide enable you to generate a o Main Navigation Menu Options (available in Magento Enterprise and later). 96 iii. Magento Community Edition User Guide, Version Apache x. Nginx x (for CE or EE or greater). Server Hosting. Welcome to the home page for Magento 1.x documentation for installation, Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE) Documentation Home (EE) ยท Getting the PHP patch for Magento Enterprise Edition (EE).

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Include commented rewrite rules 1.122. Exception in shop when accessed by Googlebot Fixed: Old copyright data and system version exist in page footer Fixed: Enable Qty Increments on global config has higher priority than product config Fixed: No ability to cancel Partial Authorization checkout with Authorize.

Product with required custom options should be added to a wishlist without warning messages Fixed: DHL misconfiguration results in unhandled exceptions in the frontend Fixed: Unable to open both sample link and main link after payment of downloadable product Fixed: FPT is absent in invoice in case when order contains bundle product Entrprise License agreement content is too old Fixed: Impossible to input text in different lines in text area fields in the backend Fixed: After adding node, Admin User should have ability to do changes in the node before the saving Fixed: User is redirected to My Account page on checkout after providing credentials Fixed: When clicking Check Status and Balance button on Gift Card page no request for validation should be sent in case no data is entered Fixed: Breadcrumbs are appearing on the Homepage Fixed: Inline translation in the Gift Message block Fixed: Sorting products by attributes other than defaults settings returns blank page Fixed: CMS labels changes Fixed: Wrong status mzgento Full Page Cache Fixed: Product still invisible in frontend after required re-index Fixed: Advanced Search Attribute not working correctly Fixed: Gift Receipt cannot be enabled separately from Printed Card Fixed: When create customer from admin appears exception Fixed: Conditions tab must be visible on add new customer segment Fixed: Give possibility to completely disable data upgrades Fixed: Attribute option disappear in layered navigation if option value contains trailing space when SOLR used Fixed: Wrong behavior of splitButton in IE8 Fixed: Simple products that were added to the shopping cart are still visible in related lists Fixed: Bug on notification to reward points email Fixed: Undefined index in sidebar poll Fixed: Wrong calculation of Grand Total after changing currency for order with printed cart Fixed: Admin with restricted website permissions can edit and delete Reward Exchange Rates, assigned to restricted websites Fixed: Advanced search does not work with nav attributes of dropdown and multiple select type on SOLR Fixed: Change texts for the Banner module Fixed: SOLR search and catalog results sorting issue Fixed: Create RMA button causes error stack trace on the order view page Fixed: Reset button should not be on the page New Gift Wrapping Fixed: Displaying product with disabled status in Products grid on the Shopping Cart page and enterpriise of adding it to Shopping Cart in the backend Fixed: Impossible to add products on the Manage Shopping Cart Fixed: It is impossible to create Staging Website Fixed: Gift card enterrpise not cover gift wrapping during creating invoice Fixed: Category Permissions are not applied in category page Fixed: Remove row button is shifted when error message appears maegnto Qty filed Fixed: System messages are not displayed at CMS pages and appears only when another message will be invoked Fixed: Gift Wrapping can be deleted for all scopes by Admin with restricted scope permissions Fixed: Restricted user has ability to change rules for any website Fixed: Typos in the Admin Actions Logging Fixed: Admin User has possibility to change the password on the same which used earlier Fixed: Incorrect text message for product, for which there is no enough quantity in stock Fixed: Wrong calculation price of Bundle product with fixed price, when special price is configured Fixed: Impossibility to configure Gift Card with disabled status for adding it to order in the backend Fixed: Gift Wrapping permissions bug Fixed: Error page after search in Automated email reminder rules Fixed: When a customer has store credit for 2 websites, admin user with access to only 1 website can view the credit for the other website Fixed: Unable to open shopping cart when quote has errors Fixed: Error message is appeared even when there are no errors Fixed: Issue with Website restriction when setting a private sale Fixed: Multiple warnings in system.


Session is lost while redirecting from secure to unsecure URL Fixed: An error occurred during second Customer authorization fail Fixed: Impossible download downloadable product problem with secure link Fixed: Wrong letter case in class names may cause malfunction when Compiler is enabled Fixed: Incorrect invoice amount in order with FPT Fixed: Attributes not connected to any product of selected category display in layered navigation Fixed: Unexpected breaking import process leads to creation phantom data into database Fixed: Two of the same FedEx option show instead of one Fixed: Notification for Google contains link that cover large area and blocked user work Fixed: Error during quick search Fixed: Issue with final price calculation for Configurable product with sub products Fixed: Blank page after customer registration with enabled compilation Fixed: Products entsrprise displays incorrect in price ranges after import rounding problem Fixed: Layout issue in shopping cart on frontend Enterpries Fixed: Impossible to assign user to the role if he is assigned enterpriee another role Fixed: Unable to refresh lifetime statistics Fixed: Wrong message during checkout process in Inline Translate mode Fixed: Default country is selected in Shipping Address during Admin order creation Fixed: Bunch of W3C validation errors on frontend while using inline translate Fixed: Page is scrolled to the top after inserting variables Fixed: Configurable product displaying double price when choosing option Fixed: Impossible to configure Admin User Emails for store view scope Fixed: Long payment method data is printed improperly in PDF invoice Fixed: Uwer of changing the Rating Value title for store view in existing Rating Value with filled the Rating Value title for store view Fixed: Trademark symbol not showing up Fixed: Saving product takes long time Fixed: Notice message disappear after clearing cache Fixed: Products qty displays incorrect in price ranges after import rounding problem Fixed: Incorrect Unit Price Excl.


Tax in the Shopping Cart Grid after changing currency Fixed: Incorrect title of All Reviews for product page Fixed: Invalid message in shopping cart when trying to add products amount more than allowed Fixed: Processing error occurred when big numeric value is entered to an browser URL Fixed: Issue with credit memo for multiple bundled products order status is Processing Fixed: Customer group has to be emulated even if customer is sticky assigned to the group Fixed: Problems with sorting actions Fixed: When product is set to be not available for selling checkout is still possible depending on its position in cart Fixed: Response headers contains error during frontend pages browsing Fixed: Layered navigation options have wrong order in backend Fixed: Some strings are not translated in widgets Fixed: Cannot create a product review through backend Fixed: