Definition of Magia Posthuma. Learn about occultism with hundreds of definitions in the paranormality glossary of occultism. On several occasions, particularly on the periphery of the Habsburg Empire during the 17th and 18th centuries, dead people were suspected of being revenants. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Cassette release of Triumph Of The Nocturnal Depths on Discogs.

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Magia Posthuma

Furthermore, when he had pisthuma dug up and was being put on a cart, he drew his feet to himself as if alive, and before he was cremated, anyone whom he called by name at night, died within eight days. For those interested in burial practices here are a few photos from a 5. Darren Oldridgewhom I have quoted and referred to before — on vampire beliefs and observationsand on the rationality of our ancestors in general – on the other hand finds that it is essential that we try to understand the rationality of the strange histories of the past.

Pictures and information in Danish on the church posthma cemetery in Egtved is available here. I found this book at The Royal Library in Copenhagen in the mid Eighties, when the book was virtually unknown.

For more on the pamphlet, see this post from Otherwise, this is, posthumw Calmet says, the incident that von Schertz relates at the beginning of his book before going posthmua to refer to the case of the shepherd from Blov. Saturday, 1 September Wickedness.

One thing I have discovered, is that the book was in fact probably published in and not in as is usually stated although has been pointed out by some, see e. After the course of forty days a vampire begins to walk about in the houses and suck the blood of children and at times even from the grown ups through their ears.

Magia Posthuma: Vampyrismus & Magia posthuma

So apart from hoping that I will find ample time to work on both my studies of the subject and this blog, it is my sincere wish that we magla build some kind of network of people interested in postyuma strange and morbid, yet somehow very giving subject. He had taken up his abode in Gratz, where, living upon a mere pittance, which was all that remained to him of the once princely estates of his family, in Upper Styria, he devoted himself posthuja the minute and laborious investigation of the marvellously authenticated tradition of Vampirism.


Hatte sich die Hexenverfolgung im Various objects were found inside the grave after it was discovered in see the description in English and German below. I recently posted the famous tale of the shepherd from Blov as it appeared in the Kronika Neplachovabut there is another well-known case posghuma a revenant referred to in the same chronicle under the year Curiously, he writes that the spectre is seen as a cat cattusand not as a dog Calmet has chienso somehow Posthua got it wrong.

Some theses have been reworked into books: It is very nice and inspiring to hear from people who share an interest in mwgia and magia posthuma! Horses were often found almost wearied to death, foaming with sweat and out of breath as if they had been running a long and tiresome race, and these calamities continued for several months”.

In this ‘old’ sense of the name Hungary, the Serbian vampire cases can be attributed to Hungary, whereas it has often been pointed out that some of the vampires referred to as ‘Hungarian’ were not located in contemporary or modern Hungary.

Egtved is a town in Jutland in Denmark which is famous for the find of a Bronze age woman, the so-called Egtved girl. In some areas, other beliefs that might explain unexpected death or misfortune arose or took on renewed strength.

Post sepulturam autem surgebat et multos iugulabat et post quemlibet saltabat. Why and where did the idea of modern vampirism as opposed to the belief in the lamiae and succubi of classical antiquity spring up? We can also read about the geography of Hungary Ungarnwhere the changing borders are listed along with the a list of areas that were originally ‘in the days of old’ part of Hungary: It often seems unclear what is the background for these statement, but as far as we can judge from Calmet’s description of von Schertz’s book, Magia Posthuma was mainly concerned with the revenants of Moravia and neighbouring areas.


A South East European contribution to the international cultural history.

Although peripheral to the traditional field of vampirology, it should be apparent from this blog that historically vampires and magia posthuma can not be disconnected from other beliefs and practices, including demonology, so some might find this extract from a paper entitled The Rhetoric of Exorcism by Hilaire Kallendorf interesting or even fascinating: However, the most comprehensive and useful bibliography online is probably Clemens Ruthner ‘s Forschungslitteratur: For despite all the sound and fury attached to the great witch hunts of Europe, witch hunts and witch trials were never the way most common people dealt with witchcraft.

However, I might add that those familiar with e.

Seine Entwicklung vom Thema zum Motiv inbut Schroeder’s book was and is for some reason unfortunately very scarce. To some scholars the belief in revenants and vampires was so primitive that it had to be seen as non-Germanic, and consequently they had reason to insist on the South East European Slavic roots of the belief.

At least at the end of the book it says: According to various web sites they released one album and have now split up. His reading of various authors and sources is both critical and analytical. Saturday, 3 January A disinterested appraisal of Summers-ism. DenmarkMozartrevenants. These animals gave sufficient evidence by their bellowing of the pain they suffered. So we walked around in the dark and came pretty close to some female ‘apparitions’ dressed in white garments, one of them even being very tall with her shroud floating around her.

I recently posted about the book Vampires: Personally I find it pretty hard to relate to this pozthuma between the topic of this blog and a musical genre which I find myself unable to appreciate.