soft-ware and hardware designations used in this manual are registered trademarks which might occur in connection with the use of the DIALux software. Hi, Does a manual still exist for DIALux ? the link in previous posts (from a few years ago) doesn’t work. Alternatively is there any online or. Welcome to DIALux Wiki. The Download PDF-file which includes the Released DIALux evo and added the Versionhistory. Added a new video.

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We need to make some changes and translate our Scooter Manual from English to Spanish, and also to give it a better design also adding pictures that will be given.

DIALux Manual – DIALux evo board

We are looking an Spanish native speaker! Responsibilities- Develop test plans, test cases, test scripts and test reports on multiple projects of varying size. Perform testing on various software. Validate that user expectations are achieved during the testing process.


Review user requirements documents to ensure that requirements are testable. I am a therapist who has developed a social emotional learning program or children. I need help with creating clip art for visuals and for redesigning manuals. I need someone who is very good at working with Dialux Evo and can draw a model from Auto cat drawing. Hi there, I’m looking for someone to do a bit of manual work. I have a Woocommerce website with long scroll product pages eg.

Some of these have product variants. We are building a website and mobile app, we need a software tester. Automated 4.21 like Selenium will save time but it is not a must. You will need to check the work of a development team. Read the specs, write your test sheet. Planning, creating and executing manual and automated software test activities Planning, creating and executing manual test activities Estimate and review QA efforts as part of the overall development effort.

The writer has to agree to include a 1. Complete the English Version of Manual2. Complete the Spanish Version, 3. Quizzes for End Chapter based on Guide Content If any inconsistencies occur in the documents, please feel free to contact me. Hi i have a project I need done. I have 4 stores currently. Unfortunately my software does not have the capability to organize these numbers into a spreadsheet for me. I need someone to take a look at our daily and hourly totals and add them to a spreadsheet to.

Manual can be in manula format that is easily printable in small size with clarity of details i have the format and photos ready. I have a French user manual for an equipment and I want to make sure native French Canadian speakers will be able to understand its instructions.


I need some help with selling something. Your comment will take no longer then 10 seconds to create. How will you create a comment without reading the whole blog? Read the title of the manuzl. I 4.122 you to go through each ebay listing, if listing is duplicate product move to next one Check if there are downloadable instructions pdf, if there isnt move to next one, if there is download pdf remove pictures, copy text to new word document, remove all company details, remove telephone and email address, only leave us instructions.

Change minor sentences to avoid plagiarism, exmaple if i We need someone to upload adult videos to one adult tube. Easy work, basically just copy paste. About videos per day. We provide everything you need. You need a fast dualux connection. Please bid per 7 days.

We will give you US websites.

For each website, we need you to do the following: Hello, I have four manuals in english language. I have to translate them to german.

Also there are pictures in the manual with comments on english also the pictures need then german comments. The structure of the manual should be the same. I need them very quicky how long it will take?

Enclosed are the four manauls. How much would it cost? We need to develop ISO I need to make a manual with a list of anatomic pathologists and dermatologist per country and per continent Africa, Asia, Latin-America and eastern Europe.

I have a product manual around words 2 pages needs to be translated into “French ,German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch” Contains 1 image with components parts to be translated as well.

Google might view automatically translated content as spam, so a manual translation from a qualified translator really is the only way to go. I am looking for a data entry specialist to manually convert pages of old tables from a PDF into an Excel spreadsheet.

If the work is done well, I have additional documents which must be digitized. See the Project File for an example of 2 pages out of the Accuracy is quite important, and I expect that all transcribed data will be correct.

I need a professional installation manual for my extrusion product. Repeat creation of a corporate Training manual. We are looking a expert in corel draw, photoshop and animation. You will have to post advertisements to websites. In the fist week you wil In the fist week you will learn what the job is about and will take you hr to complete.

After the first week the time spend will increase to 3- 4 hr a day. It is an easy job with no stress involved. You will have to be consistent with your work. I need someone to design the manual for a product.


We are Saudi National Company working in LED lighting and have a lot of customers need Dialux lighting distribution service and we need freelancers to do this job. An on-line translation project words Pre-translation done mainly correction work Dead line December 26 ; Hello, I need to create for my business [login to view URL] franchise contract and operation manual everything I need to start franchising my business.

Please give me a price and time to do in English all. Please answer on subject direct no hello sir how are you and use less smalltalk. Design a brand manual for Dabbab logo as following: I need an Android app.

I would like it designed and built. I am looking for a professional lighting designer who is an expert in DiaLuxand can provide a fast turnaround. We are especially known for retail and commercial design.

If you can put together lighting proposals as well as design then that is even. Hello, I need manual testing of cryptocurrency-related web application.

Experience with cryptocurrencies is mandatory. I need a cover page created utilizing my company logo.

This cover sheet is for a workbook for salespeople. A standard page size of 8. The salespeople are primarily of the RV, Marine boats and motorcycle industries. I would like to have a lifestyle image if possible to really give some life to this cover. The name of the workbook training program is C. This project needs immediate attention must be amnual in a few hours!!! Designer will reference website [login to view URL] owners manual page on page 6 called Parts and names How to use them.

On page 6 of owner’s manual please reference the middle image image with Controller. Now needed a translator from English to Russian for translating technical manuals.

LFT Leading Foot Technology is a company situated in Holland who produces custom-fit insoles very quickly, professionally and completely to your requirements. We make these insoles to prevent, support or alleviate foot conditions. Podiatrists do not have to look any further when they have found us. Bodycote Thermal Processing Service Needed: The goal is to have written instruction for operation of the furnace and maintenance of the unit as well.

I need some help with finding an accountant. I wold like to translate a document from German to English. The person diaulx translate this must be an engineer or boiler operator, a native English speaker. First job will be consist in short description documents.

Freelancer Job Search dialux 4.